I’m a PC. Or am I a MAC wannabe??

You’ve seen the new ads for Microsoft, I’m sure…the ones that have famous people and not so famous, saying lines like, “I’m a PC and I turn number two into energy”…that’s my favorite line…just love bathroom humor. And here’s the truth,  I have always loved the Mac ads that make fun of PCs….and never thought of myself as a PC…but I am one. That’s right, ok? “I wear a tv suit and I wear glasses and I don’t turn number two into energy and I am a human being and I’m also a PC!!


I wear a fur suit and Im a PC.....

I wear a fur suit and I'm a PC.....

But…if you must know,  I’m a secret Mac wannabe. My computer…I’m sorry…PC…is a Dell inspiron 9300. And I’ll be honest, I have loved that laptop…loved it. It’s heavy as hell, so while I will take it with me on a trip, you sure wouldn’t want to sling it on your shoulder everyday…unless you wanted to take weekly trips to the chiropracter. 




And if I could buy any computer that I wanted, with money as no object (ha!)…I would pick one of those super thin macs….you know… the one that weighs nothing and costs about 1800 bucks? And that’s the lowest priced one….. I was looking at one..oh yeah, it’s called The Macbook Air in an Apple Store last weekend in New York….it’s sooooo pretty. And the way my laptop is currently functioning…as in , slow…very slow…I may need a new one pretty soon. But for now…I’m gonna keep on keeping on with my PC.

I’m a PC….and a Mac wannabe.


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  1. I have a PC and my husband has a Mac and we are both convinced that ours is the better one (and I am right!). I do like the Mac commercials, though.

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