Labor Day weekend dos and don’ts….

First, my DON’T LIST…..

Hell, no....

Hell, no....

1. There is no way I’m crossing the Bay Bridge this weekend…not even for the J. Crew outlet. Not even for friends who live there…..not until the state reopens all the lanes. A four hour backup yesterday? What, the work on the guard rail couldn’t wait until after the holiday weekend? Maybe not, but seems like it just might have. Anyway, I’m not getting stuck in the mess I saw on 11 News at Five from Captain Roy Taylor’s chopper….awful. And for those of you who have no choice…you have my deepest  and most sincere sympathies.

Maybe Baby Girl can sweep!

Maybe Baby Girl can sweep!

2. I’m not doing any housework this weekend. If anything falls on the floor, it can just stay there, darn it. And that goes for gardening, too. Sure, things are a bit bedraggled by this time of year, but really there’s not much I can do about the inevitable decay of the garden at the end of the summer. Walk on by, baby…

3. I’m not gonna diet this weekend….not that I’m much of a weekend dieter, ever. It’s my time to eat what I want and drink what I want. So there. I’m dumping my lunchtime salad with canned salmon for something sinful. Tacos, maybe…from Taco Bell! But I’ll still take all my vitamins…they’re a meal in itself.


Ummmm...lets cook it up!

Ummmm...let's cook it up!

1. Cook something creative….I know, I know…doesn’t that fall under the purview of housework? Well yes, and no. Yes, if it’s just drudge cooking…no, if it’s creative, fun cooking, as any real foodie will tell you. And I got those creative juice flowing for some weekend creations on Chesapeake Foodie….(which is written by a friend of mine)..I get their monthly newsletter, and it is fullof good stuff…watermelon mojitos, heirloom tomato and spaghetti strata (how crazy is that?),  and how to store artisan bread (hey, after I’ve paid 5 bucks for a loaf, I don’t want it going stale.), and Deviled Eggs from the Executive Chef of the Government House. Yummy.

2.  Sleep Late. That doesn’t sound like such a big deal, except that I tend to wake up early, and just give up, and get on with the day. I hope to slumber like my daughter…zzzzzzzz……but that is a lofty, lofty goal.

3. See some movies. What I want to see…Man on a Wire (playing at The Charles Theatre downtown) and Vicky Cristina Barcelona  at Harbor East .  What others will twist my arm to see….Death Race.  No.

Sooooo, those all seem to be doable, don’t you think? Nothing too ambitious…and I all of you have a fabulous, fun safe holiday weekend….Don’t throw rocks, be nice, and come home safe…’cause we miss you.


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  1. Hope you had a restful weekend. My husband and I went across the Bay Bridge Saturday afternoon. Went right through the toll gates. Hardly any traffic. I guess everyone was told to stay away, and they did. Not much of a creative cook, or any kind of cook, really. I did sleep a lot over the weekend. If it was an Olympic Sport, I would get the gold for our country! Glad your sister and
    b-i-l didn’t have it any worse. You cannot fight mother nature!
    Take Care,

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