A Couple of Movies for you to try….

Assistant News Director Tim Tunison, here at WBAL-TV always says, “You watch the strangest movies“, all because I’ve been bold enough to share some of my choices with you in the past.

Watch out, buddy...

Watch out, buddy...

He particularly makes fun of Twilight Samuraii, 2002 samurai film by Yogi Yamada….sure it’s a little off the beaten path, but then, aren’t you? It was, after all, nominated for an Academy Award….and it was excellent. Here are another two you might not have heard of and might like….

The Real Dirt on Farmer John.…a 2005 documentary about a young man who inherited his family farm, during some very tough times for farmers….not that times have ever been that easy. The story of what he has gone through to triumph was just fascinating. It made me think of Charlie Obert’s Barn, a documentary made by a Kurt Kolaja, a longtime friend of mine from the Eastern Shore….and if you haven’t seen it, that fine, fine film will be shown at the Chesapeake Film Festival in Easton, September 19-21…good movies, The Eastern Shore in September…what’s not to like?

Also have recently seen Goodnight Mister Tomactually a 1998 Masterpiece Theatre release about an embittered old man who takes in young evacuee from London during the blitz in WWII….and the impact they have on each other’s lives….So sweet!

Such cute little red shoes!

Such cute little red shoes!

And one I have on the way from Netflix (and this is just for you Tim, I don’t want to disappoint)…Balzac et la petite tailleuse chinoise or in English, Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress. It seems a fitting choice after just watching the Olympics set in Beijing . It’s the story of two young men during the Maoist era, sent to be “re-educated” in a remove village. They hope to win the heart of a local beauty with their secret stash of Western literature! I’ll let you know how it is….Tim.


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