Strange things I get in the mail….

Weigh your luggage...before you get to the airport!

Weigh your luggage...before you get to the airport!

When you work in the rarified world of  television, you get sent things in the mail….usually products that are new, that they hope will make it onto television. And sometimes they do….this one might because I think viewers would find it useful….It is the Balanzza, a digital luggage scale that reads in pounds or kilograms. You attach it’s strap to your bag, left, wait for the beep, and set it down….Voila, how much your luggage weighs, appears in the screen. It has a maximum weight of 100 pounds….and it pretty darned easy to use. And given what overweight luggage will cost you these days when you fly$$$$$$$$$$$$$…a handy gadget.

Im on Fruit 66!!

I'm on Fruit 66!!

Next up, Fruit 66. Get it?  Like Route 66…only Fruit 66? Ok, whatever.  It’s real fruit juice with 2 ounces sparkling water added…no added sugar or artificial flavors or colors-that’s nice. I didn’t actually try one of these my self, but others have. Their assessments: “It’s ok, tastes like watered down fruit juice.” “it’s pretty good”….so you get the drift here. I don’t like to waste calories on drinks, and this little can has 95 calories in it….So it won’t be my cup of tea, but maybe it’s yours. Oh, and their website is cute….

Drumsticks? Really? Why?

Drumsticks? Really? Why?

And last, and without a doubt least, I got some drumsticks. For my drum set at home I guess…oh what, you don”t have a drum set at home either? This is a promotional item sent by the makers of the movie Rocker. We all get these things every so often, and usually they are totally useless…though when Sex and the City movie came out, I did like the little makeup bag they sent. I’m still using a notepad from the movie The Martian…ever heard of it? Me either.  It’s baffling as to why they waste so much money sending useless items to journalists all over the country. Can you imagine the cost? (Maybe that’s why it’s 10 bucks to see a film now.)

Anyway, I’ve got one more Fruit 66 on my desk….sooner or later someone here at WBAL will come along and say, “What’s that?” I’ll explain, and offer it to them….they will probably take it, taste it and say, “It’s pretty good. Tastes like watered down fruit juice.” And I will say…”It is my friend…it is.”


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