A “New” Restaurant to Try…

Heirloom Tomato Salad!

Heirloom Tomato Salad!

Ok, ok, for those of you really on the dining scene….Cinghale is not really new…more like relatively new.  And  I have been there before, but that was for their opening party, which isn”t really a dining experience…more of a glass of wine and nibbles experience. Know what I mean? SO while Cinghale opened last year, it’s the first time I’ve “dined”‘ there.

My daughter is a big fanof Italian food (as if I’m not)…Sotta Sopra is her longtime fav, but she reluctantly agreed to try something new on her last night in town before heading back to school…so to Cinghale we went, close to the harbor on Lancaster Street. The restaurant is part of the Cindy Wolf/Tony Foreman group….as in Charleston, Petite Louis, and  Pazo …pretty illustrious company, and Cinghale is their newest baby.

The restaurant is divided into two areas…the enoteca and the osteria…the latter being the more formal area, with white tablecloths and stuff….the other being the bar area(where we were sitting)…as our server told us, “This is where we have more fun…”. I’m good with that. And the entire menu is also available there…which was good, because the dish my girl would pick as her last supper, would be gnocchi….those little pillowy, potato dumplings that can be served in a million different sauces, though these were in pesto. And she loved them.

Here is what really set Cinghale apart in my book….and you see it in the pic above. Lots of places have great pastas, let’s face it…but I ordered a tomato salad, one with heirloom tomatoes, Gorgonzola and basil. Yeah I thought, we’ll see about those tomatoes. Just the other day I had a tomato-buffalo mozzarella salad at “b bistro” in Bolton Hill…and I love that place, but for this salad, they hadn’t gone the extra mile to get really good local tomatoes to go with the fabulous buffalo, and it’s August, baby!  So the salad lost half it’s appeal because it had hard, cold, flavorless tomatoes in it. Hello.!…The farmer’s market is just down the street fellows ! Ok…anyway…Cinghale does know where to get good ‘maters, and it just made that salad, pretty yellow ones, and the darker purpley ones…don’t know their names. And the eggs on top? Quail eggs…so little and cute. Amazing salad. And the rest of the meal was great too….You can get the pastas in half or whole portions…the whole portions being pretty pricey for pasta ($21 to $28), but very very good. And they had some decent price wines on their list…under $25 a bottle.

And I’m really dying to try out Cinghale’s Sunday night suppers….they’re at 5:30 PM….a set menu…antipasti set out for you to enjoy with a glass of wine, then a main course, and a dolci, or dessert. Three courses for $29….pretty good I thought. Oh, and if you go to Cinghale’s website this wonderful jazzy music plays….any idea what that is or who does it? I wish I could get to play for you as you read my blog….however, I’m not that techno-savvy!


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  1. Just last week I saw Cinghiale noted in a restaurant issue of Bon Appetit. I was wondering why I hadn’t heard of it before, just out of the loop I guess. I did put it on my list of places to go. Personally I am loving the tomatoes this year so far, lots of heirlooms more readily available than in the past. I am currently haveing a torrid affair with the sunglow or sungold variety of cherry tomatoe. Very sweet and delicate. Try a salad with grilled ciabatta croutons, xv olive oil, feta or other cheese, red wine vinegar and herbs.

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