Harper finds a home….as I learn the art of re-catting.

Haper gazes at the world....

Haper gazes at the world.... !

Well, fine, since none of you wanted him…I’ve had to
re-cat” a neighbor. If you don’t know, the idea in re-catting is similar to re-gifting. You simply take something someone has given you, and wrap it up all pretty, and give it to someone else. Simple, oui? And with the exception of the wrapping part, it also applies to cats, as my neighbor Liz found out.  But hey…it all worked out….Harper (ok she calls him Harry….no.) has a really good home, I don’t have three cats, and none of you  had to take him….all’s well that ends well, right?
And since la Liz is out of town this week, who gets to feed Harper/Harry and clean his litter box every day? Who does? Who does? That’s right…yours truly. And it has been a pleasure, except for the litter box, I won’t lie. That cat does poop a lot. But he seems genuinely happy to be there, and to see me (who wouldn’t?), and except for the fact that he has made confetti of the toilet paper in the powder room where his food and box are, all is well.
I figured I’d just the leave the toilet paper confetti until the end of the week…I mean, he’ll just do it again.
This is my potty room...and hers!

This is my potty room...and hers!


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  1. Donna, seems to me Harry/Harper needs one of those new fangled electronic litter boxes that cleans itself and all you have to do is dump it once a week or so … I currently have no cats and 4 dogs … but I dol have a cat in my future and I will have one of those boxes … then no one has to cat sit … automatic feeder, waterer and litter box cleaning … life is good 🙂 … thanks for keeping Harry/Harper until he could go back home … thanks for your blogs … read ’em everyday … Susan

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