A Zone Drone……

Two little Zone Drones

Two little Zone Drones

Yes, I’ve become a Zone Drone….an “Olympic Zone” Drone that is…..and I’ve had lot of people ask me…”where on earth are you?”, and I don’t wonder that you would wonder! Big fiery torches, gorgeous old ruin-looking brick and stone walls in the background, gorgeous blue pool….But it’s right here in town, and for us right at the bottom of TV Hill.  Clipper Mill is providing us that beautiful setting, and this part of the condominium and townhouse complex was indeed created from the ruins of the old Clipper Mill, thanks to the as always creative efforts of Struever Brothers.  The mill burned  in 1995…the tragic  Clipper Mill Fire is well remembered, because a brave young firefighter lost his life there.  The link above was written by a woman whose firefighter husband broke his leg, when one of the huge granite block walls came tumbling down in that fire. But as she says…he was lucky.



But like the mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes, Clipper Mill has taken on a whole new, and a much better life than it ever had before. Seriously, if you’ve never seen the place, you have to check it out. Not only are there the great condos, partments, green contemporary homes and the staggeringly  beautiful pool setting, but the offices they’ve created from the space are incredible…modern yet with the old stone and brick walls….really, really nice. And there’s a coffee shop, all kinds of art galleries and  studios (beautiful blown glass), and Woodberry Kitchen….Spike Gerdje’s latest creation, which is hot, hot, hot. Marianne Banister and I tried to meet there last night for dinner…Ummmm….no we didn’t, because we couldn’t get in! The place was packed, so if you go, make a reservation in advance, even on weeknights or you’ll end up like us.  We ended up(and happily so) at The Dogwood Gourmet on 36th Street in Hampden, just down the road. They seriously, have some of the best food in town and so pretty….great appetizers and small plates, nice wine list, and innovative entrees. You can’t go wrong….and it won’t hurt to have a reservation here too…especially on the weekends. It’s popular, and one of my favs.

So, if you join us tonight at 7:30 for The Olympic Zone….NOW you know where we are! Maybe we’ll see you there….

6 Responses

  1. Everytime I turn on the olympic zone or see the promo’s I’m amazed in the location where it is broadcast from.


    Still waiting for HDTV newscasts 😉

  2. I know!!!!!!! It is beautiful…and of course some dramatic lighting with the Olympic rings doesn’t hurt. I’m still waiting too, Ryan.

  3. Thanks!

  4. I was wondering if the olympic zone episodes are available to watch on the internet? I have missed a whole 4 episodes! Thanks for sharing the local of the set. Some folks here at work were wondering if it was real or a stage set, now I can tell them and be the king of trivia.

  5. Hey Paul, the Zones are not availabe online for one simple reason…after they air, we can no longer use the Olympic video…NBC is very sticky about when and where it can be used. Sooooooo….no. Sorry!! You should check out Clipper Mill….and how did the cooking contest go?

  6. The soup contest was a sucess for one of my two enties. I won first place for cream of crab! thanks

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