Looking for a new vet…..

See how upset baby is?

See how upset baby is?

OK, here’s what happened, and it is not the first time. I had taken both my cats, Muffy and Baby Girl in for shots this past Saturday….in two different trips as we only have one cat cage. On the second trip with Muffy, who is of a delicate sensibility and always  a little nervous when a trip in the cage is involved….there were two big dogs inside. This is not an office where like Falls Road Animal Clinic they have a dog waiting place and a cat waiting place…you’re all just dumped in one room. And these dogs were not being nice. One was barking his head off, and the other was barking and straining against his leash, eyes bulging, and if that beast got away from his owner, it was not gonna be pretty…and it might even hurt. The owner said apologetically, ” He’s my problem child, always has been.” Yeah, lady, why don’t you take your problem child somewhere else or get him a muzzle? I didn’t say this of course, just gave her a cold look.

As the barking continues,(and I’m on time for the appt, yet waiting, waiting), I finally ask the receptionist (who was very busy texting someone about something), “Is there anywhere else I can wait?”….she glances up for a second, “You could wait outside.” Sure, that makes sense, because it is clearly MY pet that is misbehaving….

I finally motion to the other side of the counter, where you pay and is at least you are separated from a dog’s teeth by a wall and a desk…..”Can I at least wait over there?”

“Oh…sure”. Grrrrrrrrrr….that was me, not the dog. Soooooooo, I’m looking for a vet who just does cats. A feline vet, a chat vet, a kitty-cat only vet. Got one? Heard of one? Recommend one?

Harper finds a home?

Harper finds a home?

P.S. An update on Harper…..the little grey stray I brought home after drinking wine at a dinner party…I thinkI’ve found him a permanent home. Keep your fingers crossed…will let you know when the ink is dry.


7 Responses

  1. Hi Donna,
    CHAT – Cat Hospital at Towson:
    6701 York Rd
    Baltimore, MD 21212
    (410) 377-7900
    They are All Cats, All the time! They have another one in Easton, on the way downey oshun, hon!

  2. I take my cat, Piglet, to Advanced Veterinary Complex (Formerly Reisterstown 24 hour Vet Complex) and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! They have seperate entrances for cats and dogs and the receptionists and staff are very friendly. The doctors that they have treat all kinds of animals but everyone I have dealt with there has an extensive knowledge of my little man. I dont know how they do it but they get my cat on the table and he is good as gold during the examination and getting back in the carrier. You should check them out, their website is below. Not sure where it is location wise to you but I think it would definitely be worth the trip.

  3. I have the BEST vet ever!!! He comes to you!!! Harford Mobile Vet Services, Dr. Pat Maizels. He is the most knowledgeable and wonderful vet!!!!!! I don’t know if he travels out to you but it would be worth it to check. It is much less stress on the animals because he sees them in their own environment. His number is 410-937-9463.

  4. Hi Donna!

    I don’t know of a cat-only clinic, but out here in Howard County we have Burtonsville Animal Hospital, off of 29 and 198. Dr.Tinetti, My vet, has taken care of all three of my dogs. During the death of our oldest dog, Missy, back in 2006, Dr.Tinetti sent us a card with a special message to our home, and even had an oak box ordered for us at no charge. Our animals LOVE going and Dr.Tinetti has a special way of caring for them!

  5. Cat Sense in Bel Air is wonderful. The doctor is certified as a specialist in feline medicine.

    Cat Sense Feline Hospital
    332 South Main Street
    Bel Air, MD 21014

  6. Catonsville Cat Clinic near the intersection of Rolling Road and Rt 40. The vet, Dr. Meghan Nahill, seems to really know cats – technically and emotionally. She and her staff are a bit “unconventional” but I have complete confidence in their skills – and I think they have “seen it all” when it comes to kitties.

  7. Hi Donna –
    I was, for 15 years, a veterinary medical supply consultant in the Balto area. I WAS “Pete” back then. I called on many animal hospitals in the metro area including Falls Road A.H.
    The convienient cat only hospital that I would recommend is Dr Jane Brunt at CHAT – The Cat Hospital at Towson – on York Road just below Register Ave.

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