Weekend wrapup… pretty much the big O!!

Seriously, my weekend was all about the O, as in Olympics. I simply could not believe my eyes Friday for the opening ceremony. Un-freakin-believable. Beautiful….eye-popping…mesmerizing….intimidating. You name it, I had the feeling…including some chills. I’ve given a link to some video images of that night set to music in case you missed it….what a shame if you did. But most people didn’t . The 2008 Beijing Olympics is kicking it out of the park, ratings wise. Millions and millions of people watched this weekend….from start to finish.

I was wondering how my 22 year old daughter would react to watching…will the younger demographic want to see it, and for how long?  She never once asked to change the channel. That astounded me…and when that happened, I knew the weekend numbers would be big, big, big. And they were. Americans are in…all in.

We did eat Chinese Friday night in honor of the occasion…from P.F. Changs….”Ooooh, upscale..” said my Ozone co-host Gerry Sandusky. Whatever, Ger, it was good. Really good. Hot fish is my favorite from there…followed closely by Wok seared lamb…..yummy.

And if there are events you missed here’s a link to NBC Encore….they have tons of videos for you to check out. See you tonight at 7:30 for the Olympic Zone, and then….more O!!!!! And by the way, I WANT AN OLYMPICS GOODIE BAG TOO!! Waaaah!


2 Responses

  1. Extreme disappointment and disgust with the Chinese for lip-syncing 7 year old Yang Peiyi’s voice because her face wasn’t “perfect”. What message are we sending our children? Fireworks digitally shown on TV!! What did NBC know of these (and probably others) transgressions, and not report them – or are they just waiting until the Olympics are over so as to “not rock the boat”?

  2. Celeste, I’m with you all the way….I am also interested to see what NBC will say. I’m betting they will at least mention the controversy tonight…Bob Costas will want to I think….we do have it tonight on the 5 PM newscast. Let’s just see what happens…it deserves to be talked about. Though let’s not forget that Julie Andrews was the voice for My Fair Lady…good enough to sing, but not Audrey Hepburn enough. And all the airbrushing of photos U.S. magazines do? We are hardly innocent of these shenannigans….alas.

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