A girl crush…and a coming out party!!

You go, Dara Torres!!

You go, Dara Torres!!

OK, I’ve kept it inside long enough. I have a girl crush on…………Dara Torres! You too? Whew, I’m not alone. Let us at least agree on one thing…she is fabulous, though that is only one of her “f’s”…by that I mean fit, fabulous and forty. Made the team for her 5th, yes 5th Olympic games. What an accomplishment. And for those of you who are females and no longer in your twenties, you will understand this accomplishment. Overcome all the distractions, the aging, the kids,  making a living, life in general….and just…do it. Work like a demon to get back where you were years ago….she is a monument to exercise and good living and simple will. And her coach is at home in bed fighting a rare form of cancer….I cannot wait to see her swim this weekend!

I was watching a piece this morning on The Today Show on the new water suits that are being called “technological doping“, because they are sooooo fast. But one expert wisely observed, “If you think one of these suits will make you swim faster, you probably will swim faster. And if you think by not wearing one you’ll swim slower, you will swim slower.” Just another example of how important our mind is in whatever we do. I remember my Mom asked me years ago what was the most important thing I wanted to give to my kids. I told her, “Confidence…to think they can do it.” Because if you don”t think you can do it, well…you probably can’t, and vice versa. Shades of Dr. John Sarno….and Mind OVER Back Pain. You are your thinking! OK, enough.

Now,  I invite you to join me at the world’s biggest coming out party tonight! Get down, get down, get down, get down  tonight baby ! Beijing will be presented like a shy, darling daughter for your inspection and approval, and maybe you’ll want to marry her. Seriously, it’s not a lot different. Is tonight the most important night in China’s history? Well that’s a little strong, in my opinion. After all, China’s history is…long, and complicated. But it is one of the most important nights for them….Closed off for centuries, most of us have certain…ideas about China. And while the case can certainly be made for the negative side, I think after the Olympics, the people there will never again go back to life as it was before. They will be part of the world, with a light shining on all they do and how they do it….that’s a good thing. So…anticipation. Will tonight go off smoothly? Will clever demonstrators interrupt the proceedings as they would like to do? And if they do, HOW will Chinese authorities respond? Will they be chill? It should be quite a show tonight…I’d love to hear your thoughts on it afterwards. See you tonight at 7 for the Olympic Zone, and then at 7:30 as we all fly to Beijing, compliments of NBC!! Oh, and you’re coming too….


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  1. 41-year-old Olympic swimmer Dara Torres is the talk of the sports, fitness, health, and anti-aging world. We thought you might enjoy this interesting video that takes viewers back to the very moment the world first learned how Torres has been defying aging for the past 8 years. This is not a commercial or an ad. It’s a very revealing news story.


    Growing Bolder Media Group

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