Two New Things…Both Sweet!

Splenda with fiber? How great is that?

Splenda with fiber? How great is that?

OK, the first sweet thing I saw just yesterday at the grocery store and bought it immediately. Splenda with fiber!! How crazy is that? I love Splenda anyway…it’s my fav artificial sweetener, and now every packet I use, I also get one gram of fiber. I don’t know how they do it but I suspect it involves using something similar to a product someone sent me called Fiber Xpress. It is little packets of a powder that you dissolve in a drink…no taste at all, seriously, and gives you two grams of fiber, using something called Inulin, a natural fiber from chicory root. (They also make a product that has calcium that dissolves, but let me tell you, that is one way to ruin a good cup of tea.) Maybe Splenda uses something like that in their sweetener…but whatever, I like the idea of getting a little fiber every time I sweeten my tea or cereal. And it simply tastes sweet. You know.

The Netflix Player

The Netflix Player

And here’s something I haven’t tried and wonder if any of you have….but it is sweet too. A way to play Netflix movies immediately on your television. The little Netflix Player is made by Roku. It’s 99 bucks, but the nice thing is it doesn’t change your Netflix subscription cost…if you have Netflix, you already know you can  watch certain movies instantly on your computer for free (not all titles are available for this). But you had to watch them on your computer. Now they can stream right onto your tv. And they say, the player is compatible with any televison, guaranteed. I may try it….and hopefully more titles will become available  on demand. Right now Netflix says there are 12,000 available, but they are not the big new movies….surprise, surprise. Let me know if you have a player!

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