May be addictive!

Caution: May be addictive!

OK, ….I’m a big fan of one of the smartest shows on television (AMC). I just so like Mad Men, and I feel bad  I didn’t tell you about it last year when I started watching the first season, really I do, but better late than never? But here’s the thing…if you want to watch this season, see if you can rent(or buy-I see the first season is available on AMC website) because if you just plunge in now you won’t get all the nuances and story lines in the first season , which are crucial to enigmatic piece of eye candy like Don Draper.

He’s a fascinating guy…on the last episode, one of his underlings in the ad agency comes to him after he discovers his Father was on board an American Airlines flight that has crashed…everyone is aghast at the catastrophe…the guy enter’s Draper’s office and says, “What should I do? What do people do under these circumstances?” Draper replies, “Go home. Be with your family.  The guy asks, “Would you? Go home?” Draper answers without a pause but you see the pause in his eyes. “Yes, I would. There’s life….and there’s work.”

Interesting line, for a man who really does live at workfor the most part…isn’t all that interested in his kids or his gorgeous wife, who is starting to show the strain.  And the sets and ambiance are soooooo 1960s New York…or at least what I would imagine them to be.

Back to the line…”there’s life and there’s work”. Some of us know the difference and others don’t…and sometimes the people who don’t…don’t even know who they are. I’ve known people who would spend every waking hour at work if people didn’t talk. And others who can’t wait for the work day to be over…counting the clock. Both are places you don’t want to be….dreading to go home because all you fulfillment is here at work..or in the long, dreary wait for your real life to begin. I had one of those jobs when I first graduated and didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do. I answered the phone for a real estate development, and there weren’t many calls. Everybody else was downstairs, and I was all alone upstairs at the front desk(in the days before internet-shudder). Oh……………goodness. Tick…..tick…….tick…….tick…….tick….you’ve probably been there too, I know. And today and for many years I have found a happy in between. While I’m at work I’m happy to be there. I enjoy what I do almost every day…everybody has bad days…but when it’s time to go home, I’m also happy to get home and live that life. I think only by enjoying both can you truly lead a balanced, contented life. And if give everything to work emotionally, there ain’t nuthin left for the homefolks. And then, you just….burn out.  So remember, “there’s life and there’s work.” I’m enjoying Don Draper’s tv struggle to figure out just what that means.


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  1. I just discovered this wonderful TV series and have been catching up with the first season On Demand. What a fantastic show. And oh so 60’s. Love seeing the homes and the decor and woman dressed in womanly dresses. The men look fantastic, especially Don Draper. But what lowly cads they are all supposed to be. Great fun to watch and actually remember the music, styles, and attitudes.

  2. Oh My Goodness! I just discovered Mad Men On Demand about two weeks ago when my son was visiting his grandparents for the week. It has to be one of the greatest shows ever! It really made me look back and realized how much work I do compared to how much time I actually enjoy myself when I am off. Since then I have made some changes, all be it little changes, but changes that way I leave work at the office and dont bring the stress of the day home with me. But when Sunday night rolls around, I make sure he is good and asleep so I can enjoy my “adult” time and indulge in the fabulousness of Don Draper and 60’s New York…and maybe with a glass of wine. : )

  3. The fabulousness of Don Draper…well put, well put. You are wise indeed to try and make little changes toa make your time at home as good as it can be…this Sunday night I will toast you with a glass of wine of my own as we soak up some Mad Men!

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