I dreamed I brought a cat home….

It all started at a delightful dinner party at a neighbor’s house Friday night….a group  of us had dinner in her pretty garden on a warm summer night…lots of laughs, yummy food, and ok, a little wine. All night long, there was this little grey cat that circled around us, rubbing ankles, napping on the lawn. He has, according to reports,  been roaming from house to house, around the neighborhood…making friends, begging meals, and obviously, looking for a home. And because I do love kitties, (and they  know that-scoundrels), somehow I had a cat in my arms as we walked home. Yeah.

Lookin for a home...

Lookin' for a home...



    “Wow…I dreamed I brought a cat home last night.” …that was my first thought the next morning……Light dawns on yonder rock….Oh wait, I did bring a cat home!  Went downstairs, there he was sitting patiently on the back porch, waiting for breakfast….a look on his face that kinda said, “What’s for breakfast, sucka?”  He’s so skinny…obviously  hasn’t been neutered (if you know what I mean), and no doubt needs shots and the whole nine yards, which I’m starting today. Part of the “deal” was that all these “beguiling neighbors” would pitch in on his vet care just to get him out of there. But I’m hoping…really, really hoping, I can find him another home…a place that is cat free…Muffy is already yowling her head off at the intruder outside her windows. Baby Girl seems moderately interested, but she’s not really that smart. And here’s the thing…two cats are my limit…it just is.

Soooooo,  I’m looking for a good home for a sweet young male kitty. Very loving. I’ll throw in some cat food. Anyone? Anyone? I’m hearing crickets.


3 Responses

  1. speaking of cats…this will make you laugh.

  2. While I can’t take the kitty…I have one of my own…I would like to share this with you. About 14 years ago my family took 2 kitties from a friend…sisters…and as you know cats are VERY territorial. The 2 kitties were fine because they were used to each other. Than one day my friend brought over her cat and it’s been crazy ever since. My one cat stopped liking her sister and started peeing every where. Her sister has since passed away but she still pees on things. So…with that said…I would be careful bringing in a cat that you don’t plan on keeping. It could get crazy! Have a good day.

  3. Oh, Kit that is too too funny….I would advise not watching this at work, unless you can control you laughing out loudness….I couldn’t help myself and now everyone knows I was watching s0omething funny…..probably on you tube.And clearly, you have too much time on your hands as well.

    And Jessica…that’s EXACTLY what I’m afraid of!!!!!!!!!!! And I can’t take my cat peeing on everything! I just solved the peeing over the side of the litter box problem.

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