Are you with me so far??

Im not an least I dont think so.

I'm not an least I don't think so.

 Funny experience this morning…Howard the photographer and I were shooting a story at a local hospital…which we do all the time…in this instance about some new research being done in the heart disease field…pretty interesting stuff, really and quite important…I can’t tell you exactly what it’s about because then I’d have to kill you. But suffice it to say it some new information that this particular researcher is very excited about. And honestly, he has reason to be…it could end up being a big deal in heart disease research, and save a lot of lives…I know he thinks it will. And I hope he’s right.

But as he’s explaining it to me, he keeps asking, “Are you with me so far ? “, and “ Do you get that ?”. I answer “Yes, yes, I get it…” and I do. He is explaining it pretty well, and ….I’m not an idiot. At least not today. Finally, as he is going through a slide presentation that I don’t really need to see….he looks at me and asks very solicitously, “Do you you understand  what I’m saying?”. I’d finally had enough and said, very politely, ” Yes, even I can understand it.” That was the last time he asked. Boom. Should be a good story though….

Anyway today is Friday (wheeee), my daughter is home from college…we may get pedis tomorrow. She deserves it, after all the work I’ve had for her this week, and more today, including setting up the new covered cat box after the first one has worked so well with Baby Girl’s aforementioned “failure to squat problem”….and there is loads of laundry in the basement to be done. And she got both cats to the vet this week for their shots, and did some grocery shopping, and cleaning….and we got to watch Flipping Out and Project Runway together…oops, there she in on the phone….(she wanted to know if she found a “really good deal” on Bedhead shampoo and conditioner at Target, could she get it for school….Define “good deal” I ask…her reply-two big bottles for 20 bucks. Get it. Done. And I’m not getting  to eat my favorite salad for lunch until 3:15, and try to post this blog. Arrrrgh! I need at Dr. Tea deep cleansing breath………out with the bad….I feel better. Have a nice…no, make it a great weekend….be nice and come home safe….’cause we miss you.


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  1. Soups on this Sunday in Havre de Grace at the Maritime festival Upper Chesapeake crab soup challenge! I am entering after winning with two soups two years ago. So if your looking for some great crab soup this weekend thats the place to be. wish me luck

  2. Donna,
    Would this procedure have anything to do with the heart and the robot at Univ???? I know someone who had the heart surgery with the robot in FL and did extremely well……..Much better than my brother who had it done the old way……….Just wondering…… 🙂

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