Don’t let the bedbugs bite…

look out, sucker!

look out, sucker!

My daughter is home from college for a few weeks after taking a summer course. The house in which she sublet a room this summer, is supposedly very nice, in a nice neighborhood, though any house can only be so nice, when it’s occupied by college students. She had told me earlier in the summer, there were bugs in the house, and she was getting bug bites. I asked if there was any chance they had bedbugs..she of course, has no idea what a bedbug is, but said one exterminator had said no. I didn’t think too much more about it.

But she got a phone call from Heidi…(you remember Heidi, she reads my blog, can be quite critical of it on occasion, all in (?)good fun)…and Heidi said tearfully….”There are bedbugs in the house…it’s infested with them!” Thank goodness my daughter has already moved out…..but WHAT IF SHE BROUGHT THEM HOME ???? That’s what I’m talking about.

And did you know bedbugs are on the rise once again in this country?  Experts think it’s because of so much more world wide travel…a little souvenier just for you ! Ever see how the little devils operate? Take a look.

How horrifying is that ??? They don’t hurt you really, just leave itchy bites, but according to the Mayo Clinic website, bedbugs are the source of much psychic stress….like mine right now. I mean really, what’s so disturbing about thinking there are lots of little tiny bugs in your mattress waiting for you to sleep, so they can suck your blood? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anything  my daughter brought home is outside in a plastic bag in the sun….heat kills them…and we’re washing all her bedding (that’s still in her car trunk) in hot water, and keeping a watchful eye on things. And vacuuming…lots and lots of vacuuming. They never have bedbugs on Gossip Girl  or Greek !


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