This is the way to run a staff meeting !!

You love meetings, I love meetings, say it loud now…we all love meetings! Where lots and lots is said, and you resist looking at your watch or you cellphone or blackberry, and resist texting someone not in the meeting to say…”Oh crap, could this be any duller ? Help me!!”

We’ve all been there, most of us more than once. But these people know how to have a kick-back staff meeting….

Hey yall....let have a meeting...

Hey ya'll....let have a meeting...

You may recognize Mickey and Amelia in the center and Josh Spiegel on the left, from 98 Rock, and the whole morning crew…they work upstairs from the tv newsroom. They say the tv newsroom is much nicer than their digs…it may be true, it may be true, but there is definite envy as I get to walk through this crowd several times a week, on my way to the little gray door in the background. They always look like they’re having such a good time, really….laughing, all laid back….and on their way home pretty soon. Tomorrow they will be too “busy” to meet, I see on their website, they have Cancun Cantina chicks coming in to the studio. Should be interesting…..


2 Responses

  1. so disappointed , I know it’s a SISTER station

    but really. who listens to them anymore?

  2. Dear Jane, I’m sorry you are disappointed. Sometimes I do that to people, despite my best efforts. But the second part…ouch! People do actually listen to 98 Rock…just not you!

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