The Ultimate Tea Diet???

Have a cuppa tea, luv...

Have a cuppa tea, luv...

OK, before we begin, lets get rid of all the negativity in your system. Don’t lie and tell me don’t have any…..puhleeze. Take a deep cleansing breath. Breathe in…..ok, let it out. One more time, breathe in…..release….feel all that negativity  going , going,  gone… Whew, I feel better.  Okie dokie, are you trying to diet but craving apple pie, a Mars or a Snickers bar? Hmmm?  Well, maybe tea is the answer. Specifically, “Dr. Tea” Ukra.  He sent me his book, The Ultimate Tea Diet and samples of his tea some time ago….this is all I have left of them, I scarfed the rest of them before I thought about sharing it with you!

Dr. Tea in action...

Dr. Tea in action...

I have checked out his 3 minute podcasts that talk about all the different teas (as you see here, he is quite animated), what they do, and  he prepares  some recipes (chicken cooked in tea!) and on the podcast #11, you’ll see why I say… get rid of the negativity, baby, or your food will taste bad!  The Ultimate Tea Diet says you can quell your food cravings with tea. Just tea. And I have to tell you, they do smell fabulous….I  made a cup of Caramel Rooibos earlier this morning….ummmm, the smell of caramel, with none of the calories. Does it feel like you’re having something you shouldn’t?  Not really, but it is very good.

How does it work? They say this: “The diet works because tea contains caffeine, L-Theanine, and the antioxidant EGCG which together:


  • stimulate your body’s metabolism
  • lower the levels of triglycerides in the blood
  • reduce your cravings for sweets
  • increase insulin’s effectiveness
  • lower cholesterol
  • stimulate thermogenesis- which helps the body burn fat for energy.” 

And don’t ask me what thermogenesis is(oooh, a good crossword word?)….I don’t know! If you visit L.A., Dr. Tea’s store is in West Hollywood on trendy Melrose Avenue, complete with a tea garden….(yes celebrities like Courteney Cox, Ellen Pompeo, Jeremy Piven, and Amy Smart reportedly use the tea diet) and you can enjoy a capa-teano!! In the meantime, his sampler pack of luscious teas are 5 bucks…they’re fun to try…I’m having a glass of iced orange sherbet green tea right now. Ummmmmm.


2 Responses

  1. Where would I find the sample pack? I live in Baltimore…not CA! Knowing that I LOVE tea…I definitely think I’m going to try this. Just please let me know where I can get the sample pack. Thanks and have a good evening.

  2. Jessica, I’ve included a link above in the post to his website…sorry I didn’t put it in at first!

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