Waste Management Problems…..

Baby Girl considers her pee options...

Baby Girl considers her pee options...

I have several actually. First problem…Baby Girl and the litter box(boxes). She is very good to get on the litter box but then doesn’t squat. Her little fuzzy butt stays UP, and the pee goes….yup, right over the side onto the floor, newspaper, whatever. Not good, even in the basement.

yeah, I know...

yeah, I know...

The first solution I tried is cutting out part of a plastic hamper (it must be said I did not personally do this)…put the box inside. Now the pee collects in the pan below. Still undesirable. Putting newspaper up the sides like you see here (sorry Baltimore Sun-I did read it first), did sop up the pee, mostly, but still just not a good solution.

Solution for up-butts?

Solution for up-butts?

Suggestion from Falls Road Animal Hospital….try a covered litter pan! Ordered a big one from Amazon….it came in this week, and it is now in the basement….they suggested ordering just one to see if Baby would use it (some cats don’t like them too claustrophobic)….but before I put litter in, I tossed  in her favorite toy mouse a few times so she would go inside. Check. Put in litter, and threw mouse in a few times more…she took the bait. Check. A few minutes later I peer down the basement steps….Baby Girl is using the box!! Now the pee will flow into the litter  where it belongs…happiness…singing birds…fluffy clouds! “Don’t have a motorboat, but I could float your boat, Bay-bee Giiiirrrrrl!” ♥♥

Bad leaky toilet!

Bad leaky toilet!

OK, Next waste management problem….this little toilet in the main floor powder room. It’s only been in a few years when we redid the room ( I wish I could count how many coats of Chinese red paint it took to cover the walls)…it’s one of those “silent flush” models, and I like it but now….there’s just a little bit of water around the base. Not a lot, but it is definitely leaking from somewhere. WHy, why, why ??????????????  Now I have to track down a plumber and make an appointment and probably have him take the toilet off the floor…blah blah blah…money/ time. No likee.

But I’m accentuating the positive….the Baby Girl situation…solved I think….oh, and Mom did get home from the hospital yesterday. Relief on all sides. I hope all of you have a fabu weekend….I think I’m going to Oregon Ridge for the BSO (playing bluegrass if you can imagine that-I’m having trouble)…and there will be fireworks! What’s not to like?

SO…. Be nice, and come home safe, ’cause we miss you.


2 Responses

  1. Donna, My sister had the san\me cat problem and did the same thing. No more mess to clean. Also for the other problem. Check the water hose at the valve and below the tank. Also the turnoff valve to see if the is any water dripping. It could be just a matter of just a little twist on a nut or connector. It could save some time or money. PSK

  2. Donna,
    Sounds like the wax ring that seals your bowl to the floor may need to be replaced. In addition to Paul’s suggestions above, you can also put some food coloring in the tank and see if it leaks into the bowl. This will let you know if the leak is from the tank to the bowl and may give you further indication of the extent of the problem.

    I work for a plumbing company and would be happy to make a few more suggestions, just contact me via email and we will be happy to help.


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