Say it with me now….Ooohhhhmmmmmmmmmm…

Told you yesterday that I would share with you more details of a yoga class…outside in the sunshine, right by the Inner Harbor.  Now for those of you who have never tried yoga, and I know there are quite a few of you…are saying…no way, I could never do that.  Come on, try something new! It’s for all levels, even beginners…And guess what? This class is free!!

You may be thinking that I am over enthusiastic about free things, and Gerry Sandusky said not too long ago he’s beginning to think I’m cheap, because I donwanna pay 50 bucks for a bottle of wine. Whatever. Back to the topic…you can try this class to see if you like yoga, and you’re not out anything.
I found about this 9am, 3 class series(this Saturday is the last, sorry)…from an email from the sponsors, Charm City Yoga. I’ve taken a few classes there….unfortunately,  in a hot yoga class. Now let me say there are loads of people who love hot yoga….meaning they love to sweat…but I’m not among them. It’s just tooooooo intense. Regular temps for me , please. But outdoor yoga is a lovely way to start your Saturday. And to all of you who left lovely get well notes for my mom…who we thinkis getting of the hospital today (fingers crossed)…thank you for your kindness. It means a lot to me, really, and I’ll make sure she sees them. Namaste ….I honor the spirit within you!

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