To Facebook or not to Facebook? And the Blue Screen of Death….

Lowells Facebook page...

Lowell's Facebook page...

Yesterday, WBAL-TV reporter Lowell Melser said to me, pretty much out of the blue…”Are you on Facebook? (and when I shook my head)…”You should be on Facebook“. And then then went on to list all the people  in the newsroom who are. It was a pretty good list, though many people are not, and a few(babies) are on My Space.

“Well, uhm…Why should I? What’s in is for me?”, I politely inquired.

Reporter Josh Davidsburg piped up, “It’s social networking”, as though he was speaking someone who was a little Facebook impaired…true enough I guess.

“Josh, I know what Facebook is, but still the question, what’s in it for me? I mean why should I?”

And here’s the thing. No one ever really fully answered that question. My son and daughter are on Facebook, that I know. And I know there are plenty of actual adults, not just teens and 20-somethings, who are also on Facebook. But can anyone explain to me what one actually does there? I mean, is it an easy way to keep up with people that you’d otherwise not see or communicate with? That would be pretty cool, though it also assumes the idea that people you know and want to communicate with, are also on Facebook. Would it enable me to stay in better contact with my taciturn emailer son? I don’t know, maybe. I hear he’d have to “friend” me….. I might really enjoy it…I mean, I heard a lady in the grocery line ahead of me say, “All this computer stuff, I just don’t fool with it.” I wanted to tell her that she was missing out on some things that might make her life better, that she really could do it, and should become computer literate. I remained mute, of course. Nothing worse than a tv person telling you should be doing. The audacity.

Sooooooo, I put it to you. Are you on Facebook? Do you like it? What do you get out of it, and is it worth my time and trouble? Take a lot of time?

Blue Screen of Death!

Blue Screen of Death!

And on to the blue screen of death….it’s started showing up more and more often when I turn on my laptop at home. So far, I’ve been able to restart her (a Dell), and it goes away, but the fatal error thingie is kinda scary. And I didn’t do anything…..just closed all the windows I had opened and then gently closed it. Is my computer starting to breathe very shallowly….you know what I’m saying…is it…dying? Noooooooooo….I love it, and though it’s a few years old, surely it has some life left in it. Any ideas on what I should do to it?

  Anyway, it’s Friday()….there’s Artscape this weekend..always fun…and sweaty. Stay cool, be nice and come home safe. Cause we miss you….


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  1. Hi Donna. I am pushing 30 (okay, it’s screaming me in the face), and I do not have a Facebook page. Everyone I want to be in contact with knows how to get a hold of me. If they don’t know how, I don’t want to talk to them. I think it is great for young people, and perhaps politicians who need to appeal to young voters, but for the rest of us… just say no. What ever happened to face-to-face social networking?

  2. Call me paranoid, but there’s too many weirdos (and people from my past I’d prefer to not social network with again) out there whom I don’t want to see my family pictures or read about what’s going on in my life.

    I have a family website set up with pictures for our extended family to see. Anyone wishing to see our pictures has to have a username and password to get in to see our pictures. That way, I control who gets to see the pictures and who has access to our files. Of course, I’m a computer nerd, so it’s easy for me to set this up.

    I am on a professional networking site, but don’t put any personal contact information there. With identity theft and criminal activity rampant online, I am just very cautious.

    And about your blue screen of death, I suggest you get some tech person at work to take a look at it. After years of use, there’s all kinds of things that might be fixing to (yep, I’m from the South, I reckon) go bad on your computer.

  3. Hi, Donna! I’m a 46 year old mom who is on Facebook. To be honest, I only have 5 “friends” – my son, my nephew and two nieces, and my neighbor, a young lady who just entered high school last year.

    I joined last summer, right before my son took off on Semester at Sea. That was the only way we really heard from him during the three months he was away, (beside the calls home for more cash, of course)!

    I have enjoyed being able to see photos of his trip that he posted during his journey, and I feel more “connected” to what the younger folks in my life are doing.

    I will remain on Facebook because my daughter just turned 13 – before she I allow her to have a Facebook account next year when she enters high school, she’ll have to promise to make me one of her “friends.” That way, I’ll be able to monitor at a distance what she and her friends are up to!

  4. See…now that’s what I’m talking about Anne….THAT’s what I’m talking about! That window into the world of people we care about, but don’t always let us know what’s really going on. Secret Squirrel Spying…in a nice way. I hear you Tracey and Melissa, but right now, I’m leaning toward doing it!!

  5. I don’t have a Facebook but I do have a My Space and for the most part I love it. I don’t know anything about Facebook but I’ve heard that it’s just like My Space. On My Space you can set your profile as private so only your “friends” can see it. You can also do this with your pictures posted on your My Space. I like it because you get to see people from your past and see how they are doing. With gas prices rising like crazy…I highly recommend it because than you can keep in touch with people that lives…let’s say…in another state. It’s a lot better typing than talking on the phone. You can also do a lot of other things for security purposes like if someone sends you a “friend request”…they have to know your last name or email address you use for My Space…if that’s what you choose. It seems like every few months or so they up the security standards on the social networking websites. So…Facebook would be something to consider. Have a good weekend!

  6. Hi Donna..

    I’m approaching my 40th birthday, and I DO have a profile on Facebook. Of course, what I’ve done on my Facebook page is that I’ve made some “borderline” personal stuff not necessarily accurate (the people who really know me know what the truth is of the important facts). And I’ve also limited who can and cannot see certain things on my site. I mainly signed up for Facebook because some of my favorite 80’s singers had profiles, and were going to be releasing news or tracks via that method. Since then, I’ve stumbled on to high school classmates, a “Vocation Vacation” mentor, friends I’ve met through other resources… etc etc. It’s nice, since then it’s easier to “touch base” with acquaintances once in a while.

  7. P.S. Write down the exact blue screen error you’re seeing, then “Google” the “exact phrase” (Advanced search) of a significant phrase or featured phrase in the error. Sometimes that can give a clue as to what’s going on. Plus, it will help the tech person that you tap on the shoulder of… (S)he can make a better diagnosis when the EXACT error is known.

  8. Did you check my shoe song?? lol

  9. A lot of ppl have Facebook to keep in touch, see ppls pictures, make online discussion groups about common interests. A lot of journos and TVnewsers are on Facebook to keep in touch as ppl move around the country. I’d say my friends range in age from teens to fifty-somethings. It’s more about connecting with family, friends, industry folks. It’s useful though I’d say Facebook and LinkedIn keep me most connected to folks.

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