Looking for a home….Sign of the times?

As I was getting ready for work this morning…and this usually bogs down in my closet…what to wear, what to wear, what to wear…you know the story….I heard a firm knock at my front door….UPS, no doubt. Maybe FedEx? The guy who used to read our power meter in the basement (bless his heart) doesn’t come around anymore as everything is automated. So, I dash downstairs, and peek out the front window.

Could you love me??

Could you love me??

There sits a little boy, around 10 or 11 maybe, with little tan puppy. This I do not see everyday, but looks innocent enough. I open the door and say, “Hi there…what do you need?”

“Would you like to have a puppy?” he asks, as the little dog runs around his feet.

“Oh sweetie, I really can’t take a dog right now…I have two cats. Do you have to get rid of him?”

“Yes, my Mom said I had to find a home for him…we can’t keep him. His name is London”

Fancy name for a dog that is soon to be homeless….got the kid’s name…Jerome….and made him promise me that under no circumstances would the dog just be put out or left somewhere. And I got his phone number and Mom’s name.

“OK, if you can’t find a home somewhere, and if your Mother can’t take him to the S.P.C.A.(I made him memorize it), promise you’ll bring London back here so I can find him a home, and you won’t just leave him somewhere. That would be really mean and he’d be scared and hungry. Promise?”

He did and was off down the street. Now maybe, just maybe, he’ll find a home, but I seriously doubt it. A lot of people go to workand just can’t willy-nilly take in a dog one morning (like me)…though there probably are angels who do just that. You have to wonder if the family is moving or just can’t afford to feed a growing puppy anymore. Sign of the times?

So…..here’s a sweet little dog named London, and he was quite obedient and sweet…followed Jerome when he left as ordered. And he’s looking for a good loving home. Someone who’ll feed him and take him for shots and have him neutered….you know,…all the stuff dogs need. Oh, and love him. A lot. If you leave a reply here that you’d like to have him…I can see your email address (though the rest of the world can’t)..I’ll contact you and make arrangements. Somebody is getting a sweet little puppy. Good dog, London! Good dog.


2 Responses

  1. Poor kid having to give up his puppy! The pup is beautiful wish I didn’t have a 13 month old Choc lab I would take it…..But if you know labs…I have my hands full…..Will pass info along to friends and family if he is still looking for a new home……

  2. Looks just like my Sasha but I have 4 already and just can’t take in another … have the yard, don’t have the time … Donna, please let us know if that puppy finds a home … Keep up the blogging … and the good work … who listens to studies about studies anyway (self-exam) …

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