Weekend Roundup, and Baby Girl is seeing things!

in Hampden, hon...

in Hampden, hon...

Well, let’s see. It was a pretty quiet weekend, all things said. Ventured to a place that I’ll bet some of you have already tried. I feel so behind the curve. It’s called Grano Pasta Bar, on 36th Street in Hampden….sweet, tiny place…maybe 10 or 15, 20 seats? They do pastas to order….with several sauces that you can try..pesto, bolognese, marinara…all homemade sauces, though not the pasta. BYOB….and a bowl of pasta is 7 bucks, and they’ll throw on a couple of meatballs for $2 more.  Can’t beat that in tough  economic times, eh?  It’s run by Gino Troia, of the well known Cafe Troia in Towson…and when I stopped in for some carryout sauce which they sell, Friday night at 6:30…the place was already packed (keeping in mind it doesn’t take too many people to do that). I adored their grassy green pesto, a container of which was $9….not inexpensive, but a little goes a long way, and the taste is fabulous. Used it on some focaccia sandwiches made with fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market and  mozzarella, and it was yum. And Grano also does carryout pastas and salads. Cute…you’ll like it. 

Beets baby, beets.

Beets baby, beets.

Got way too many beets at the Farmer’s Market in Waverly on Saturday…so I roasted them (wrap the beet in foil after you cut the tops off, and roast in over at 400 degrees for about 45 minutes). Then you slip their skins off after they cool, slice and use in salads and stuff. Delicious. However, not everyone in my house is a beet lover….I think that comes from the childhood trauma of eating picked beets. That’s just so wrong to do to an innocent beet, and let me tell you, they bear no resemblence to a roasted beet…these are just very mild and sweet…great with goat cheese or feta in a salad.

I see dead cats....

"I see dead cats...."

And last but not least, Baby Girl  seems to see things that are not there….or are they?  She will just stare off into the distance…I look too, to see what on earth she finds so fascinating, and….nothing. Like you see here…trust me, nothing is happening on the ceiling. I looked. Maybe she is doing a “sixth sense” thing? If she could speak, perhaps she would whisper,  “I see dead cats.”  And there could be quite a few feline spirits around the place….Wild Kitty, where are you?  Something to think about.

Ooooooh-new template…”Dusk” by Becca Wei. 


3 Responses

  1. I have to say…I love this template. Very soft and relaxing. It’s a shame I’m reading this at work…or else I would want to curl and in a ball and fall asleep. Great blogging Donna!

  2. I have to correct a typo in my comment Friday on your new template. I meant to say George Carlin, not George Hamilton. I dunno what got into me, but George…Donna… Carlin…Hamilton, late in the evening and it comes out George Hamilton. A huge difference, and I think George Carlin would laugh at the thought of being confused with George H. Sorry for suggesting that you had mentioned admiration for the Tan One. Might be a good Onion story.

  3. I also had the same experience where I lost a pet (dog) and my new puppy would stare at seemingly nothing. I always wondered if there were little doggy spirits. That could be either creepy or comforting knowing that Wild Kitty is watching over Baby Girl. I lean more toward CREEPY as I’m not very superstitious.

    PS: Any possible debut timeframe for BAL’s new look (set) don’t want to miss that. If the powers that be will allow you to divulge such info of course 🙂

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