Weekend Wrapup…recipes,and a dangerous new kitchen tool!

LIke for many of you, this holiday weekend went by waaaaay too fast. There was a lot going on…fun stuff, but suddenly, it’s Monday morning and time to go exercise (which I desperately needed). But it’s all good…

the new Froggy!Got to try out my Froggy…it’s a new kitchen tool that my sister gave me for my birthday. Now at first, I thought, “I need something else in my rather small kitchen like I need a hole in my head”,….but now that I’ve used it, how have I lived without the Froggy, which is a Rachael Ray product. It’s basically a chopping board with a circular concave indented side, on which one uses the vicious little double bladed mezzaluna. You roll it back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…to chop things into itty bitty pieces. It is fabulous on garlic, and a lot of garlic is called for in the making of Potatoes Fontecchio, (8 cloves), but don’t be scared of it…. Potatoes Fontecchio recipeThis is a classic Silver Palate recipe that I have used for years and love. The recipe also calls for lots of EVOO ( do I need to say extra virgin olive oil? I hope not.) and chopped mint…which the Froggy also made short work of. I will warn you, the blades are VERY sharp…I cut myself twice!(Oh, and I see it online for around 40 bucks…but I gave you a link above  to Amazon which has it for $24.95….)

And I tried another recipe that I saw in the Baltimore Sun  last week….for Wacky Cake. …a..k.a. Lush Cake, Cockeyed Cake, Three Hole Cake…it sounded so good and chocolatey and sooooo easy…and it was all of those things…and you don’t need any eggs or milk. Just sugar, cocoa, flour,baking  soda, water and vinegar, of all things. Now I will admit I doctored it a little adding some ancho chile powder(sounds odd but it was good) and cinnamon, giving it a little south of the border touch. And I melted chocolate chips with a little cream and poured that over the top. What’s not to like?  Took both dishes  to a picnic and they were happily scarfed up…so I guess they were well received. I liked them both, anyway. Did you try any new foodie items?

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