Happy birthday ‘merica!!

I enjoyed the drive into work this afternoon…as much as I could anyway. Seriously, I’m not really bummed about working. After all, I could have asked for the day off, but I didn’t….so no complaining, right? It was your own choice, blah blah, but still.

Passed Druid Hill Park on the way in…saw several families setting up picnics and barbecues,and even more clustered on front porches…multi generations, celebrating a little family, a little barbecue, and a little Fourth of July. I heard the Declaration of Independence read out loud this morning….and you forget what an amazing document is. We should all hear it on this day..reminds us of what this country was founded on. The life, liberty and pursuit of happiness thing…yes?

So don’t feel too bad for me on the set tonight, the few of you who may be watching the news (yes I know you have other things to do…) and that’s as it should be. I’m good. And I’ll probably get some ‘cue at dinner. It’s all good, all good. Happy fourth everybody. Be nice this weekend, and come home safe.  And for those of you who didn’t get to a parade, here a little something something , from me.


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