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Earcavio-91 points!We started a little club here at WBAL earlier this year…The Wine Club…for those people here who like wine(like me) and a group of other like minded people. The idea was Gerry Sandusky’s.  And let me say this…Gerry is a man who is a …I don’t think connoisseur is putting too fine a term on it…of wine, and he will spend much more on a bottle of wine than I will. Which I think makes me 1. cheap and 2. lacking discernment.  The first one, definitely, and on the second point, maybe not.

I bought the above bottle of Ercavio Tempranillo at The Wine Source in Hampden…great wine store, with my favorite wine seller, Paul Cudone. He knows me well…and understands that I have a mental price point over which I will probably not go to drink some wine. Ideally, I like to find a good bottle under 10 bucks. Not always easy, but there is a lot of good wine out there for 8 to 12 dollars or so…I don’t care what Gerry says. Idiot.

So I have brought him a bottle  of the Spanish Ercavio, after they sent me an email saying it had “generous red fruit and a hint of dustiness“(really?), and was rated 91 by the Wine Advocate (Robert Parker)…if you know anything at all about wine, you’ll know who that is, and if you don’t, get an online subscription and start reading up. He’s the man (from Maryland), with the million dollar nose. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds important. I’ve interviewed him several times, and I can tell you he is the nicestman you would ever want to meet, and as far from a wine snob as you could ever get. So when the WA gives a wine a 91, and it’s under 10 bucks….it is soooooo on my radar screen. (See? discriminating.)

Anyway, I shall give the bottle of Eracavio to Mr Sandusky and see what he thinks. And if he loves it…gotcha!! See? Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive…I mean, it can be, certainly, oh hell yes,  but it doesn’t have to be.

Cat Amongst the Pigeons!The members of the Wine Club each have a month to pick a wine for the 10 or so members…this past month( June) was Deborah Weiner’s month. June came and almost went…and there were a few threatening notes left on her desk about pay up or else, where’s your wine, cough it up…juvenile stuff like that. But she did get it in….on the last day of June….and she picked one of my favorite Australian reds. Cat Amongst the Pigeons….they make several varieties, and they are delicious….no doubt about it. I took a picture of John Sherman’s bottle on his desk…it’s sitting by his Peabody Award. Thinks he’s so smart. Oh, wait, he is.  The wine has been sitting on his desk for two days, and amazingly enough, no one has “borrowed” it. So far, but July 4th is coming up and you know what Country Boy Eddie always said…”You snooze, you lose.” You may be wondering who on earth is Country Boy Eddie…that my friends, is another story. From another planet. Tune in tomorrow.


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  1. Oh Donna now your talking my language! I am a very avid wine drinker as you would expect, being a chef and all. I sort of have a fetish for finding great inexpensive wines. I rarely spend over 10bucks for a bottle, not counting special occasions where all bets are off. And I can see that you have discovered the great value wine producer of the century( so far).. Spain. I love tempranillo’s and they are a great bargain if you know what to look for. One of my fav’s this year has been BORSAO $6.99. Great social wine and very adaptable with food. For spanish whites I go to Albarino, but the real star here is reall y from Portugal and it called VINO VHERDE $5.99 yes for real. I ‘ll stop hear cause I could go on forever butr if you would like to know any more you know how to reach me. enjoy Salute Paul

  2. Paul, I have had a Vinho Verde from Portugal (I guess different makers do them?). It was lovely…very fresh, and even had a little fizzy to it, but I don’t think its price was that great but under $10. I loved it, and have had the borsao…a winner for sure.

  3. I’ll have to look up the vintner of that vino vherde and get it to you. I Picked up a bottle of cats amongst the pidgeons last night (syrah)and plan to sample on Monday evening with a fabulous steak! Happy 4th and I am very interested in your piece on hypermiling.

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