I am not intimidated by my son’s genius girlfriend. Not much.

You know I write from time to time about the lovely Jennifer, my son’s girlfriend. I don’t know if I have ever told you that in addition to being funny, and pretty…she’s also a brainiac. I know. It could be a little intimidating, if one were put off by such an awesome combo of attributes, but I’m not. I just wonder from time to time what she sees in my boy…but then, he’s always been lucky.

ExcelRainManJennifer thinks up ideas, and she has the energy and the enthusiasm to actually implement them! She also happens to be a little math whiz, and discovered at work, she was always being asked to help other people with their Excel stuff….so she thought, Hmmmmm….there must be a lot of people out there like that (those who need help, not those who can give it), and voila, the ExcelRainMan was born! What is it? In Jennifer’s words…”Do you cringe at the thought of another spreadsheet? Are you embarrassed that you can’t do a pivot table? Do you know that there must be a quicker way to some of the boring aspects of your work done? Or do you love Excel, but need a little help with a new challenge? It’s time to ask the Excel Rain Man for help!”

First thing that happened was she got press in Daily Candy New York. For those of you who need to get out more often, Daily Candy is an email newsletter of Today’s Candy…tips on what to do this weekend, new restaurants, salons, shops, fashion, etc…..there isn’t one for Baltimore, alas (maybe one day? Should I start it?), and the closest one is D.C.

Well, when you’re in Daily Candy, lots and lots and lots of people read about you, as in lots and lots. So the lovely Jennifer is definitely off to a fast start with her creation. And it is keeping her busy. And while I never have to use Excel…not being in a mathalacious job myself….it looks pretty cool. If Daily Candy thinks so, coolness is confirmed. Congrats Jennifer…I’m so proud of you! Don’t dump my son!!

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  2. Very interesting… thanks.

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