Baby Girl Digs the Fan….

At my house, energy saving…on heat, on ac, on lights…it’s all on the table. I’ve unplugged all the often unused appliances..the little vampires…I turn off lights, we’ve have all learned the secret of the fan. If you have a fan on in a room, you can run your ac at considerably higher temperatures than if the air is not being stirred like a chilled martini. I have two ceiling fans in the family room, and there’s one in the bedroom, and I have a couple of little ones I cart around to different areas.

baby girlAnd even Baby Girl has gotten in on the action. Cats usually dislike fans in my experience…they get suspicious of anything that blows their fun around too much. I’ve always laughed when cats go outside and the wind blows….they look around to see who’s doing that…and please stop.

baby girlBut now Baby seems to enjoy the breeze….she regularly joins me in the bathroom where I do hair and a little makeup…and doing hair, I don’t need to tell you, is a hot proposition, blowdryer and all. So, the fan keeps me cooler without having to chill all the other rooms too…thus a lower energy bill and more coin for Nine Lives. Baby Girl digs it….totally.

One Response

  1. My cat won’t sit right in front of the fan, but she likes how it will keep her cool if she lays about 2 feet away and just to the side of the box fan. Now with the window AC, if it is on low, she will be right next to that – its not going to be too nice for a cat with a black coat to keep to cool if it gets too hot.

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