A Girl’s Weekend…So What are Men Doing Here??

I told you I was headed to the Eastern Shore this weekend for a girl’s getaway….two of us went over on Thursday, and those of us who had to work(including me) made the trip Friday night. The first thing we heard when we arrived at the house was the voice of a man…a husband, to be specific. Looks were exchanged…that said, “What’s he doing here?”  And we found out moments later that there were actually two husbands there. Two of them! And we like these guys, it Must be said…good guys both of them…fun to be around, but….certain conversations are seriously curtailed when husband-types are there. You know, just skews the talk.

We had a glass of wine and  got over it.

The weather was gorgeous, as you know…did a little shopping in St. Michaels…and went to what is I think my favorite store there, called London’s. Just a lovely little store, with all kinds of things you might never see anywhere else. I bought two fabulous smelling candles, one for me and one for my hostess…and some matches. Wow, big spender, matches, you’re saying…but wait, these are matches that are 1. a little longer than normal..and 2. contained in beautiful boxes…birds, fruit, sea creatures…you’d have to see them to appreciate them.

CANDLELIGHT AT BELLA LUNAWe ate dinner that Saturday night at Bella Luna….it’s just up the street from the Bellvue Ferry…in Royal Oak. Such a gem of a place. No men allowed….homemade mozzarella caprese, mussels in a spiced, garlic wine sauce,  sauteed soft crabs over roasted corn salad….oh, it was delightful….. great evening.

HYDRANGEASAnd the hydrangeas are in full bloom now…if you’re a hydrangea freak like me, you notice these things. One of the “girls” this weekend said, “You know it’s funny, I love hydrangeas now, but when I was growing up I thought of them as an old lady flower for some reason.” Please. You’re thinking of chrysanthemums. Or baby’s breath. Anyway, I brought back a bunch of hydrangeas as a reminder of  our girls/guys weekend…I love them. And they’re not an old lady flower!


3 Responses

  1. Ironically my wife just had a girls weekend too! bUt there were no husbands at all. I’m a liitle confused and disapointed to hear that wives would allow husbands and that husbands would want to be anywhere near the whole estrogen charged scene. I had too work this past weekend but I still had a fine time to myself.., Paul

  2. Donna, hydrangea’s … how are YOURS doing? mine are going nuts, as usual … husbands on a girls weekend, that’s just not right … not at all … and without everyone’s “approval” … just not right …

  3. Susan, I am happy to report I have not one, not two, not three, but FOUR hydrangeas blomming their little heads off!! The two I brought back from Rhode Island lat year are happy where I put them, and I have two others I bought last year and pu in the ground. I’m soooooo proud.

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