Why am I cooking zuchini??

rescuing zuchs from certain decay...Why was I cooking these zucchini in the early hours of the morning today? It’s all part of my somewhat new/sporadic/heartfelt push to be more frugal. Honestly, I have been bad all my life but don’t tell my Mom, to let items, especially veges, go bad in the frig. I see them starting to wilt, and …I…just…don’t…want…to …cook them. I really don’t.  But with the price of food today..holy cow…to be racing decay these days is more than just being not wasteful.  Who can afford to let several expensive zuchini/yellow squash/eggplant go bad. Actually I think the eggplant is beyond my reach now. Sorry about that.

And as I’m heading to the Eastern Shore with some girlfriends for the weekend, I knew NO ONE would cook the in-better-shape squash and they’d be lost for all eternity. So in a fit of austerity, I sliced them up and sauteed them in some EVOO. I feel pretty good about it….of course, you already know that because otherwise, why on earth would I write about cooking some darn vegetables on a blog if I didn’t feel quite proud about the whole thing? I’m starting to regret writing about it right now. But it’s too late. The zuchs are cooked and in the frig, the picture taken and the blog written. To get rid of it all would be just another terrible waste of time and energy, correct? So, go race some decay of your own…you know they’re there…in the frig, waiting on you. And have a great weekend. Be nice, and come home safe. Cause we miss you.


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  1. oh the memeories of the neighborhood squash and tomato glut that happens every summer. What do I do with all this stuff that mysteriously appears on my door step? I can pass it on to someone else, like a coworker….vegetal regifting time I suppose..

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