Don’t Underestimate the Pedi….

My toes!!When it’s springtime, almost summer really, thatmeans open-toed shoes. And open-toed shoes mean toes…loads of them will come pitter-pattering to the salons for their pedis…..I go to a little informal salon, not too far from WBAL…they take walk ins if you’re willing to take your chances. And while I call ahead for an “appointment”…it doesn’t really mean anything. OK, that’s not totally accurate. It means a little bit. If you say, have an “appointment” at 2 pm, and you show up at 2 or a little before, do notexpect the technician to be waiting for you.  Taking walk ins means that whoever walks in gets the next  chair available. So you often wait. Now, here’s the value of the appointment…sorry..”appointment”. If there is a whole slew of women(and men sometimes) waiting and they are all walk ins, you get the next chair because you have an “appointment”. But hey, don’t expect things to be like it is at a fancy place like the Red Doorin Cross Keys (which is delicious, btw)…beautiful lighting, softly scented, privacy, luxury), you know. But here’s the deal….my pedi is twenty bucks!! Seriously, a 20, plus tip of course. And they do a really nice job. The lights are bright, it can be loud, it smells more like nail polish than lavender, and there’s no privacy…at all. A trade off I guess. But in my book it’s worth it.

And like many salons of this type,  most of the nail technicians are from other countries…here, mostly from Vietnam. So one thing that bothered me a little at first, and others will know exactly what I’m talking about, the ladies often talk to each other in Vietnamese…chattering away, then breaking into peals of laughter…and sometime you get the uneasy feeling they are talking and laughing about you!! But you know, I’ve gotten over that feeling…I mean, it’s really not all about me (alas), and even if they are talking about me…I just don’t care. As you know from Gossip Girls, you’re no one, if no one talks about you.

(And for Angela who asked about how they found the goat on the bus from the news yesterday…it was Craig’s List….EVIDENTLY YOU CAN FIND ANYTHING, INCLUDING A GOAT THERE.)


4 Responses

  1. Donna, I dont have a comment about a pedi but on a similar subject. Did you get a little hair cut? It looks great bye the way!

  2. Hi,

    I agree with the other person; your hair looks fantastic. What is the name of your nail place? I pay $30.00 for a pedicure every month. So $20.00 a month would be a big bargain. Thanks for the info.


  3. Hi Donna,

    I recently had the same thing happen while getting a mani/pedi, the women were chatting in Vietnamese. Then they looked at each other and started to laugh. I just smiled..when it happened again..I too started to laugh with them, then I told them,” I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT ! HA HA HA”. Well with that, they had no idea if I understood them or not. Looking shocked and caught at their own game they inquired if I knew Vietnamese..I just chuckled and said ” You’re never know !!!”

  4. What, no pic????

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