Wild Weather=Wild Newsroom

Trees downed....Wow, it was quite a scene yesterday, and I’ll tell you…as many  severe weather situations as I’ve covered over the years, and that is quite a few, it never feels any less intense. When you hear the words…”tornado warning”…in the newsroom, it’s time to  get ready to go on the air…asap. Trucks are dispatched to wherever it’s thought the action and damage will be, and chief meterologist Tom Tasselmyer always hits the air first…if he’s in the house. I mean it’s his show, really. And I was so glad he was there yesterday. The man knows his weather, a master really…I’ve seen very few people over the years that could match him. My Mother in Birmingham feels the same way about a guy named James Spann…but you’d have a tough time convincing me he’s as good as Tom.

On the set, we simply try to provide extra information here and there, which until some comes in, isn’t all that much. So you try to give Tom a little breather, so he can swallow…seriously, the swallow is much underappreciated. When you have to talk endlessly, you will have a need to simply…swallow. But it’s hard to do on the air….but sometimes it will not be denied…gulp. Oh, and we ask Tom questions…like yesterday, we thought he was talking about a “train spotter”, who had seen a tornado. Hmmmm. Dunno what that is. So finally I ask…”What is a train spotter Tom?”. He laughs and said, “Oh, is that what it sounded like what I said? ” He meant a trained tornado spotter….big difference…we all had a laugh over that. 

crane rescueAnd then there was that huge crane down at  Sparrow’s Point , with two men trapped inside. There’s a situation that could have ended in tragedy, but it was so nice it did not. Both men were rescued far above the ground by those firefighters we all love so much. And we saw live on the air  a stretcher approach the first guy down, and he waves them off….”Aw, this is nothing fellows!”.  And applause here for Captain Roy Taylor and his mucho talented photog Mac Finney for their enormous contributions. They can get the pictures when a ground crew could never get there in time. It makes our coverage sooooo much better. With Tom in the weather center and Roy in the air, I have confidence that everything, though fly by the seat of your pants, will be OK.

Oh, and even better…when I got home, my power was on!! That unfortunately was not true for thousands of people around the state….such a bummer. When I flicked on a light switch and things worked as usual, it just makes one profoundly grateful. For the simple things.


3 Responses

  1. I had a great laugh at the Trained Spotter Question during yesterday’s coverage. It was HILARIOUS… yes at your expense, but it was nice to see you guys laughing at yourself. It brought a nice touch to a seeminly ominous situation. I’m sure Mr. Tasslemyer answered that question for a lot of viewers out there.

    I had the previlage of meeting Capt. Roy.. he is very passionate about his work. Again thanks for your unmatched coverage, A job well done

  2. Thank for Nice story.Just bookmark now!

  3. Well, I’m one of those still without power (BGE says 6:30 tonight) so I’m missing my favorite news station and news crew. Grateful that things weren’t worse and certainly appreciative of what I do have.

    Hopefully I’ll be able to catch you all tonight at 11!

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