Dinner and a Movie….

Saute' in CantonFound a new place this weekend that I really like, in Canton. I don’t live there, so I don’t know Canton all that well, but we were looking for a place for Sunday lunch/brunch there this weekend. Passed by a nice looking place I’d never seen before, called Saute’….but I see on Chowhound.com it has been much discussed as people waited for it to open, and afterwards.

Saute SignBrunch is new for Saute’….so service was a little slow but friendly….but I really liked the space, and as it was a nice day the big windows fold up, so it feels like you’re eating outdoors. Loads of flat screen tv’s….nice I guess if you want to watch a game or something, though the manager tells me they are off during the dinner hour, as they don’t want female customers to think of Saute’ as a sports bar. Our food was good….though we ordered pretty basic…grilled ham and cheese, it was on grilled pita, and “fondue fries”, which meant there was a little cheese sauce over them…but really good fries. inside of  light fixture A group of women was sitting in a big booth centered under a big window, having  gourmet pizza and glasses of wine, looking for all the world like a group getting ready to go see “Sex and the City”…you know what I mean? I enjoyed Saute’ and I’d go back…no, it’s not great cuisine like you get at Jack’s in Canton, but I liked it. And the light fixture’s are divine…barrel shade chandelier with the coolest retro print inside…loved them.

Netflixed ramboOK, this may surprise you, but I really liked the new Rambo film. Seriously, I thought it was pretty darn good…never boring, that’s for sure, and it has a really sweet twist at the end…I won’t spoil it for you. Bloody, for sure, definitely some killin’, but come on, it’s Rambo!


5 Responses

  1. Maybe I should see Rambo, I didnt think I would like it.

    BTW – February for HD Newscasts!?!?! Either way I am not going to watch WBFF.

  2. I saw Rambo last night… it was pretty cool. Lots of action. Thanks for the recommendation. As far as WBFF in HD goes. I watched for about 1 minute, and then turned back to WBAL. Having a new set in HD means nothing. Their news contents still sucks. WBAL runs circles around any other news operation in the Baltimore DC area. It’s all about the way the news is delievered and who you can trust. I’m quite sure it will be worth the wait for WBAL’s new set and eventual transition to HD. Keep up the good work. WBAL has nothing to worry about in terms of viewers. They have established themselves as THE source for news regardless.
    PS: Thanks Ms. Hamilton for these intriguing blogs.. it really gives insight into the personalities of BAL staffers who come into our homes everyday.

  3. Exactly WBAL does run circles and thats why we trust them, and I do enjoy reading your blog as well.

  4. GREAT Severe Weather Coverage!!! Kudos to the WBAL Team and Tom Tasslemyer

  5. Well, we are collectively blushing at the compliments….and Gary, Tom Tasselamyer really is just so so good. I mena seriously, the man is never at a loss for words in a dangerous weather situation. I marvel at his abilities. the rest of us just trapse along in his wake.

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