Free burgers and hot dogs!!!

Hey, here at WBAL…we are made happy by the simplest things….like a barbecue to celebrate good ratings(that is a back door compliment to myself, did you get it?), and just the beginning of summer. And I will tell you this…there is nothing…nothing…that a newsroom likes better than free food. Except, when our boss cooks the food. Then it tastes even better.

short order cook Jordan WertliebAnd I have to hand to to Jordan Wertlieb…..our bossman. He manned an unbelievablyhot grill for a couple of hours, serving up burgers and dogs for the hungry masses. Add a little tater salad, and some cupcakes, and you’ve got yourself a party……and you know, it’s easy to have a barbecue, but you really don’t have to man the grill yourself…but he did. Thanks JW (I know, I know…such a suckup.) Whatever.

I’m celebrating my daughter’s birthday this weekend before she heads back to school for her “real” party. Our part of the birthday involves getting great birthday cake (from The Cupcake Company in Federal Hill..the best cakes and cupcakes ever)….a nice dinner out, Sotta Sopra is her birthday fav…and a few well selected(by her) gifts…it’s kind of like a once a year trip to the parental atm machine. Then she’s off, leaving the rest of us, and the cats, bobbing in her wake, saying, “Is that all there is a birthday?”.

Have a lovely weekend nice, and come home safe. We miss you.


2 Responses

  1. So how long has WBAL been the news leader?

    😉 The other channels dont exist if you ask me

  2. Hi Donna,

    You should try Charm City Cupcakes on Charles St. They are so good!

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