An Herbal-Arcos-J.Crew weekend…

wagon filled with geraniums and herbsA strange title I know, but I packed a lot in this holiday weekend, starting with a trip to the Baltimore Herb Festival….Packed, the place was covered with herb-loving Marylanders, who found their way to Leakin Park iso fresh basil, rosemary, and thyme…and countless others along with roses and tomato plants! The wise shoppers bring wagons like this Flyer, so you easily roll your purchases around the loop. And trust me you’ll end up buying more than you expected to. Just don’t forget, buying the plant is just the beginning. They still have to get in the ground. I overheard one guy happily say to his wife/girlfriend, “You can make rosemary oil!” She replies, “I don’t make rosemary oil, I buy it.” Ouch, take that. He was probably thinking, “So why the hell are we here, then?”

Beeswax Glow BowlsI stumbled across these beautiful beeswax glow-bowls at the festival, that have flowers and herbs in the wax…you put a little water in them and a tealight, and they glow from within. Had to take a couple home with me…so, so pretty. They’re by a company called Bees in the Garden here in Maryland…they support mid-Atlantic beekeepers, by buying their beeswax directly from them.

Let’s see, what else….went to the new J. Crew outlet that opened last week just over the Bay Bridge. Very nice…got a new white t-shirt, and a new white button up shirt…you know, they just don’t stay white for long, so it was time to replenish. Nice store, and some good buys.  J. Crew StoreOh, and here was the big disappointment…saw Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Dare I say it? Boring. Just kinda dull. Not awful, just really a letdown. There, I feel better after all the hype.

P.S. I forgot the Arcos  part of the title….had some great echiladas there in mole sauce….which my daughter ordered and did not like. Maybe mole is an acquired taste…and this did seem a little different from the way I remembered having it there a year or so ago. New recipe? Anyway, they have a lovely outdoor patio to enjoy some mexican food and margaritas. And I enjoyed both!


7 Responses

  1. See you guys have a new set in the newsroom? Is this where the HD Newscasts are going to be broadcast from, or is the studio being finished? Does this mean the change is going to happen soon?

  2. Ryan, we do indeed have a new set in the newsroom…aren’t you observant! We are building a new set….some more details on that tonight at five…I’m getting ready to shoot it right now. How’s that for a tease?

  3. Thanks, I have been waiting for this station to go High Def for years!!!

  4. For years? Seriously, for years? When the heck did you get your hd set and signal? I just got hooked up about a year and a half ago. You must be on the forefront of the revolution Ryan!

  5. Well maybe not years! Maybe a little over a year, but when I heard that other stations were converting to HD newscasts, I was wondering when it come to Baltimore.

  6. Very nice tour!

  7. It should now give some of those who have the beleive that in places like this, health issues are no handdled with herbs at all. However I think herbs give the best solution to health problems.

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