What I’m serving this weekend…and the restroom from hell!

my groceries!Well, here’s a peek inside my grocery bag (reusable of course), after a trip to the store this afternoon on my lunch break….found blueberries, a pint today for $3.99….just yesterday a half pint was $4.99. Go figure.  The cherries were new…just $3.99 a pound…love cherries. Artichokes were yesterday 2 for $4.00. Today a buck each. Yes, I’ll take three. it’s funny how some people shy away from artichokes, and honestly, I never had one growing up…as they were not grown in my Daddy’s garden, and those were the veges we ate. No broccoli. No cauliflower either. But there were copious amounts of Big Boy tomatoes, sweet corn, okra, green beans and lima beans….oh, and eggplant. Yeah, we ate pretty good.

Here’s the deal with artichokes if you’ve never cooked one. Simple. Cut off the stem so the bottom is flat, boil it in a couple of inches of water until the leaves pull off easily…may 35 or 40 minutes. Make a butter cause of melted butter, lemon juice to taste, salt, pepper, a touch of Tabasco, and some chopped garlic of course. Then pull off the leaves and dip the end you’re not holding in the butter. At the end is a little bite of heaven that your teeth scrape off the leaf. When the leaves are gone, scrape off the fuzzy looking choke…and at the bottom is the artichoke heart. Dip and eat. How easy is that?

Please, no!Oh and for those of you who are traveling this weekend, I hope you find better restrooms than one I visited on my way home from Charleston this past March. I took a picture of the sign…it was just too funny, and all too well indicated what I was to find inside, if you know what I mean. Happy holiday everyone…be nice, and come home safe.


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