Just say no to cherry-chipotle pie….

cherry-chipotle pie!Ok, I bought this pie at SuperFresh, where I shop a lot, this week. It looked good. The sign said “Gourmet Pies $4.99”. Not a bad price for a good pie. But not a good price for a bad pie. And I’m sad to say, that’s exactly what this is. Yes, yes, I did think the combination of cherry-lime-chipotle was an odd combo. Decidedly odd. But, maybe it’s a pie that’s just pushing the pie plate envelope so to speak. I mean, the first person ever to put fruit on meat probably got a lot of flack. So, who’s not to say that the cherry-lime-chipotle pie might not be the pie of the future. The one about which people say, “Wow, have you had a cherry lime chipotle pie yet? No? You gotta try it. Best pie ever!” And then you start seeing it on restaurant menus, and people make it for dinner parties. You know what I’m sayin’. The flan of today.

I popped the pie into the oven for a little warming. And then cut a slice. Tasting, tasting…wow there’s a pie with a kick. I mean, serious chipotle kick. And a smokey flavor. And lime…ok and some cherry. No. No, no, no, no, no, no no!!

This is one of the pies that was a lofty experiment. Truly, I believe in trying new things together. But the idea should have been shot down in the test kitchen. “Wow, Chef Larry (or whatever their name is),  that is really interesting, but in all honesty, it’s not good.”

Just say no to cherry-lime-chipotle pie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


2 Responses

  1. I once had tomato ice cream – emphasis on ONCE! Another unsuccessful culinary idea.

  2. I happen to disagree with your taste buds. At a local pie place in my area i tried a cherry lime chipotle pie and it was great. maybe you should rethink getting your pies out of a discount bin.. you get what you pay for…

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