What a great weekend…

oilThis is what I got for Momma’s Day. Some great olive oil (artisinal of course) and some 25 year old balsamic vinegar. (You’d think they could have sprung forsome new….jk) I love it, and a little viniagrette hand mixer that you can also store the vinaigrette in…Thank you!

You know, there are times I just feel so fortunate. I know that I am, really, in so many ways, but today I feel especially thankful and so blessed. Had a terrific time with my son and the lovely Jennifer this weekend… just really enjoyed each other’s company. It’s not always easy to make that transition to friends from mom and child. But we have, and I like it…a lot. And we ate good cheese (we all love good cheese), and drank some wine, and laughed a lot, and we saw two movies….Iron Man…what a neat flick that is with Robert Downey Jr., and at the end you know there are more to come. Good. Even saw a 2nd movie that was quite a ride, at home.  nyNetflixed Cloverfield,a monster movie set in New York…yikes, a big horribilis is eating everyone! Ok, ok, you’ve seen it before in other forms and so have I, but it was a fresh take seen through one young man’s video camera…fun, good suspense and scary!




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  1. Donna,

    I netflixed Cloverfield as well, and was somewhat surprised that I actually thought it was a pretty good movie. My fiance like it too……also a surprise! Thanks for the advice on Ironman. (we were thinking about checking that out this week)

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