trashThat’s what the headline would say, if such a thing made news…which it won’t. Recycling(single stream) in my neighborhood is every 2nd and 4th Tuesday. That’s fine, but occasionally, the calendar tricks you. It has been two weeks since we had recycling…so the paper and cans and bottles pile up, but even though it’s been two weeks….it is NOT the 2nd Tuesday…it’s the first.

Now this has fooled me several times so that now I’m careful to mark recycling days on the calendar…otherwise you end up carting all that stuff back in the house, to wait another long week, before your day comes.

canThere were quite a few neighbors who had their recycling out…enough so that I wondered..”Do they know something I don’t know?” I mean, maybe recycling IS today and they know it and I don’t and I’m gonna miss it which means I will have to wait two more weeks to get all that stuff out of my house!!!!!!!!! I pass a neighbor in the street…”Today isn’t recycling, is it?”, I ask. “Nope”, he answers reassuringly.

At that moment another neighbor comes out of the house and we break the bad news, as he has put his recycling out on the curb. “I told my wife it wasn’t today, but she insisted it was.”  Sure, blame her. But I’ll bet he has to cart it back inside…..


2 Responses

  1. It’s “tricks” like these when the Calendar that DPW sends out the beginning of every year comes in handy. Whoever at DPW had the idea to put together and send out those calendars should get a medal!

    Pete Anniko

    PS – WBAL has the best news team in Baltimore – keep up the great work!

  2. One calendar trick I like has to do with those who are paid every other week. Some months (like this one), we get an extra paycheck that month because of the extra Friday in the month! Of course, that paycheck is usually spoken for also!

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