How are you saving money at the supermarket??

Yikes!! Ok, prices are defintely, oh, without a doubt, higher at the grocery store….so I, like just about everyone else, am bargain hunting. Today I lugged out what felt like a ton of cat food…the lady at checkout said “How many cats do you have?”….and I meekly replied, “Two.” I don’t think she believed me, because of the small steel mountain of Nine Lives I had.  Here’s the thing…It was half price. Why on earth would I not stock up at half price. Those cats are gonna eventually eat all that tuna and chicken, and save me money too.

And while I usually put raw walnuts in my cereal in the mornings…I really love walnuts and they’re good for you…today the bigger pack was $5.99…it used to, a month ago, be maybe $4.89. The sliced raw almonds were a buck cheaper, I like them too, so bang, in the cart they go. 

My daughter is coming home from college tomorrow for the weekend, she loves watermelon. Who doesn’t really, and I started to get some off the salad bar, because getting baby spinach to take home and saute is cheaper by the pound from there, than getting those sealed cello packs. Wouldn’t watermelon be the same? Checked out the precut melon in plastic containers over in the fruit section….huh, wouldja look at that.  It’s $2.99 a pound..the salad bar is $4.99 a pound. What I’m getting at here, is it pays to check it out!!

Some of you may be familiar with the  great food author M.F.K. Fischer….she is one of my all time favs, and I have I think, all of her books. But the one that comes to mind in tough economic times, is How to Cook A Wolf. It was published in the WW II years of rations and shortages..and while we’re not there, thank goodness, it offers some funny and entertaining ways to stretch the dollar, and some good recipes. And more to the point, she is a fabulous writer, who led a fascinating life. If you’ve never heard of or read M.F.K. Fischer, consider this my little culinary gift to you today. Bon appetit!



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  1. The best way to save at the grocery market along with what you are already doing is, use COUPONS and become a bonus member at the grocery store you go to, if that is an option. Also, look through grocery store circulars…they are always competing! Have a good weekend and happy grocery shopping!

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