Taciturn emails….

My son is a lamentably infrequent emailer (and caller)….I know, he’s really busy, got his own life, he’s a guy..I get all that. But for Pete’s sake how long does it take to answer an email? You type some info out, maybe a little extra, after all it is your Mother, and press send. Maybe she’d like to know something…anything…about your life.

I’ve been trying to get Jesse to tell me what his girlfriend, the lovely Jennifer, would like for her birthday as  it rapidly approacheth. (Sometimes I break into Biblical-speak when anxious.) I asked would a gift certificate to her favorite yoga studio be good? And what else might she like. After several days of silence(obviously giving it great thought), I get “Yeah, yoga is always a good go-to.”) That’s it.

SOOOOO, I email back , “It’s the Kula Yoga Project?  Right?”

He replies again a day or two later, “Kula project“. That’s it. A two word sentence. Actually a phrase. No more. No less. Wow.

So I sent him a return email saying “You my friend are taciturn. That’s  a great crossword word for you (he & Jen love NY Times crossword puzzles), and in the rare case you don’t know what it means…oh, go look it up.”

Take that.( Another great two word sentence.) Oh, and for the the few, oh so few of you who don’t know what  taciturn means….it decribes someone of few words. The opposite of verbose. Hey, there’s another good crossword word.

Some years ago I was interviewing Mel Gibson about his latest movie, and had not too long before that interviewed Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan…they both had little to say to almost any question, and hey, I can usually get people to talk, ok? So to Gibson I finally said, “Are all Australian men so taciturn?” To which he looked at me for a couple of seconds and then yelled a single word over his shoulder…”Dictionary!”

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  2. Donna,

    I might have to side with your son on this one. I am 27 years old, live in Baltimore County (twenty minutes away from my mom) and I constantly get these emails that could be answered in a two minute conversation on the phone. For whatever reason, it seems that replying to those emails is way too much of an effort for me. I would rather communicate over the phone.

  3. Wes,

    You TOTALLY missed the point. If you read the email and her past emails about her son and his communication, he doesn’t even communicate via phone! He doesn’t even take the time for the 2 minute phone convo!

  4. Wes, Elaine is right…not that you missed the point totally, but yeah, calls usually get the voicemail. THe reason I send emails is so he doesn’t have to have a phone convo…I’m trying to make it easier on him, but perhaps I am mistaken. I wonder, have other parents of taciturn emailers found the trick? And how can replying to an email be way too much effort????? It is totally devoid of emotional stuff….isn’t it?
    Donna Hamilton

  5. Donna,

    I wish my father were like you…well, with respect to emails anyway. 😉 I am not a phone person AT ALL – this he knows. So when I have a lapse in my internal clock and realize I haven’t spoken to him in a few weeks, he calls me. It’s like he’s reading my mind… But, I digress…

    Anyway, I would much rather bang out an email every other day or so and chat on the phone every few weeks. That way we stay current on our family events and still remain “in touch”.

    The current arrangement has him calling after a few weeks and I get the, “I don’t know why you can’t call me. Did I do something – did I say something?” And this I just dread so I avoid it…for a few weeks until he calls me again. See a pattern here?

    I guess my point is every family has its communication issues. I know my dad loves me, flaws and all….I just wish he didn’t have to feel like its him that’s the problem. Can you have the, “Its not you, its me” talk with a parent?????

  6. Donna and Elaine,

    My apologies for not realizing the past communication problems. I enjoy watching you on the news and was interested when I saw your blog on this site. Its funny that I communicate freely with my old college buddies and high school friends over email, but family is different. When I lived in another city for a few years after college, I hardly ever communicated with my parents. I realized once I moved back to Baltimore how hurtful that can be for a parent. Taciturn emails are perfect for work, but in the case of family, I think it is more of a phase then anything else. Give him some time, I think he will come around.

  7. Wes,

    Sounds like now that you understand what Donna was saying that you have reached a level of maturity in communicating with family (not the Donna’s son is immature!). I guess because my family is so close (too close sometimes) that if we don’t communicate at least once daily we all worry about each other. Beyond that issue, it sounds like Donna would just really appreciate just a teensy bit of info on his life, right Donna? Of course, you can go behind his back to his girlfriend… Good luck!

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