Living large on my residuals…..

checkYep, got a couple of checks in just the other day….residual checks. You see, when you have a speaking role in a movie, no matter how small or insignificant, you are considered a principal. As in, not an extra, which isn’t nearly as nice. In fact as an extra, the feeling is much like that of cattle being herded from one place to another, and told what to do and when to do it. As a principal, someone asks if you’re hungry and if you’d like water, and if so, what kind of water, sparkling or still. And you have your own trailerette, and you get to go to hair and makeup.

I get checks in from Philadelphia (yes with Tom Hanks and Denzell Washington, and yes my scene was with them), Line of Fire(yes with Clint Eastwood, and yes my scene was with him), and Head of State (no my scene was not with Chris Rock…or anyone for that matter).  But even after all these years, when a film is sold, to tv, cable, dvd, whatever new it is released toyou get paid, for no work! Isn’t that delightful?

checkBut just before you hate me…..keep in mind, living off your residuals isn’t all you might think it is. At least not for a bit player like me. As you can see….my total gross here was a whopping $14.39. And that’s before  Uncle Sam got through with me. I think the most I’ve ever received was maybe $120? Maybe….So, I save them up to go to the bank, otherwise I’m afraid the teller might try to lend me some money.

Still, I have my movie-making memories…Clint and me….Denzell and me….I wonder what their residual checks look like?

2 Responses

  1. When I first saw you anchoring a newscast after I moved to Maryland it took me forever to figure out why you looked so familiar. I finally got it – you used to have a show on PBS (I think) about country inns and B&Bs and I used to watch that all the time. Any residuals from that? 🙂

  2. OK Donna,
    Here is your nantra, “Ah I will always hav My memories”. They will never go to the bank and are worth mor than $14, LOL.

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