Baby Girl devastated by economy…

babyA downhill ride in the 1st quarter….Baby Girl did not like what she was seeing in the news today. And honestly, I think she’s taking it a little personally that she doesn’t have a free ride on the kitchen counters anymore…except when I’m not around, of course.  Last evening I caught her up there a few times…clapped my hands and said “No Baby Girl, no!” She of course, skitters off like she’s been scalded, though she seems to secretly relish the excitement of it all. 

paperSo this morning she picks up a new trick ….eating the newspaper.  Just simply…tearing holes in the business section of the Sun.  And all that is well and fine, except for the tiny scraps of paper to be cleaned up, and reading the papter of course. Ah well….not so bad.

And I had a tip from a reader to the previous post about counter jumping…she advised me to stack up empty soda cans just beyond where Baby can see them…so when she jumps up they fall loudly and scare her, so she won’t do it again(after a few tries I suppose). It’s worth a shot. I was aftaid she was mad at me last night after I fussed at her several times for counter jumping, but she did come for a cuddle later on, so I think all was forgiven. Which she evidentally took as carte blanche to jump again, because she was back up there this morning. Give me strength….


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