A Charleston vacation….part one

houseI love Charleston. let me say that right up front, and for my money, that charming old southern city offers up the best of many worlds. Great beaches, great shopping, great sight-seeing, great architecture, great food, and for those of you who play, great golf.

beachSo for my posse, it has everything, and there aren’t all that many places about which I can say that. I had a couple of readers wanting to know about the food in Charleston especially, one of whom is visiting in a few weeks. Here are my suggestions….and you should know I base my picks on several things…how good is the food, the atmosphere, and last but not least, the prices. When you’re feeding a family of five….my son and his love Jennifer are along, and my daughter, all 21 or over (i.e. can order drinks $$$)….a look at the menu price-tags are in order, unless you want to end up with a whopping great bill. I mean, you will anyway, but there are degrees of whopping. I like the lower end, wanting to end up with a little coin in my pocket.

hominyTried a new place this year called Hominy Grill in downtown Charleston….loved it. This is the kind place you can get the famous shrimp and grits (recipe on the website) for $14.95, and sesame-crusted catfish with sauteed okra, deep fried cheese grits and geechee peanut sauce for $12.95? GET OUT OF HERE. I’M IN, ALL IN!  I had one of the specials that night….sweet potato stuffed pork loin. Yummy.foodWe had a wonderful dinner. And it’s a place, while nationally known, locals eat there. There were several families there with Daddy in coat and bow-tie, right from the office.

Also went to Fig (food is good) , on Meeting Street. Didn’t like it quite as much as Hominy Grill….not sure why. Service not quite as good, more expensive, but I would definitely recommend it. Had a great frisee’ salad  with bacon and a perfectly poached Sea island farm egg. And the fish stew encocette was delightful, filled with shrimp and squid and mussels. Ummm. Very modern looking space.

fat henHad a scrumptious brunch at Fat Hen on John’s Island…that’s about a 10-15 minute pretty drive from Charleston, where they serve lowcountry food with a French flair. Creme brulee’ French toast, shrimp and grits(of course), short rib gratin with layered potatoes, caramelized onions and cheese…yeah. And the Fat Hen burrito was a big hit with my son…scrambled eggs, chorizo, avocado smothered in cheese and red and green chili sauces.  Fat Hen is a very casual place…the drinks are served in Mason jars. drinkMore tomorrow, chickadees…..now go and dream of food!


2 Responses

  1. How could you go to Charleston and not eat at Justine’s? We stayed in a B and B south of Board St and loved it. Charleston is a wonderful city for people who like to walk. We parked the car when we arrived and it stayed there until we left.

  2. You know Carol, I seriously considered Justine’s because it met all my criteria, but Hominy Grill edged it out. Next year, next year….and we couldn’t just park the car as we stayed on Isle of Palms. More on that later. But one day I’d love to stay in Charleston proper…so civilized!

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