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A Fabric Jungle….
March 4, 2008

Take a number please Paid a visit to Joanne’s Fabrics in Columbia over the weekend. I was looking for something to add volume and fluff to some sofa cushions that have been…well, sat on too much, I guess. So my thinking was, rather than buy a new sofa(expensive)…get some more wear out of this one, somehow.
I just want to say right now….Joanne’s is a very popular place on a Saturday. It’s a fabric jungle out there. The guy in the pic, pushing the stroller was with his wife, who had bolts of fabric…he seemed a little shell shocked by the whole scene. So was I. Honestly I’m not sure why I was surprised at the crowd…”take a number please”, maybe because I really don’t sew anymore and haven’t in a long time, I just assumed that no one did? Wrongo.

 Women of all ages were pouring over patterns and fabrics and buttons and thread and sewing paraphernalia…..tottering to the cutting table loaded down with bolts and bolts of colorful fabric, so that women who run the cutting table with long sharp shears,  could slice off the amount required.
It was admittedly somewhat reassuring to find out that shopping for fabric really hasn’t changed much since I was a little girl and my Mom was buying fabric for my Easter dress, and my sisters’ Easter dresses. rows of fabric

Walking the rows of silks and cottons, eyelets and voile…really took me back to a time when everything wasn’t bought off the rack.
No, I was <strong>not</strong> inspired to start sewing again…I was at best, a lackluster seamstress as a teenager. Oh, I had great enthusiasm for the project at first. Picking out a fabric and pattern, even cutting it out was ok, but it really bogged down quickly after that. I haven’t sewn anything other than a hem or button, in a long long time. And truthfully, I donwanna.
But I rather like knowing that others do…people with longer attention spans than mine…people who are more industrious than I am…people who <strong>like</strong> the little details it takes to make a garment look finished.
Oh, I did get the sofa cushions stuffed with more fluff, which Joanne’s also has. In fact they have more fluffy, stuffy, puffy items than I ever imagined to exist. And if you’re looking for Easter decorations…<strong>this is the place for you</strong>, and they’re on sale too!