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Training my brain….
March 21, 2008

I get the funniest things in the mail…and sometimes, messages by emails.  Like one from Andrea at a company called LUMOSITY

brainThey do brain games to improve your memory. Andrea wrote and asked if I would like a trial account, in hopes I would do at least what I’m doing right now…blogging about it, and even better, do a television story about the company. Sorry about the story.

Still , it is quite interesting…you have all kinds of warm-ups to kind of get the hang of the games…and honestly, I needed it. There was one where you click on the bird when it appears and at the same time remember the letter that was in the center of the page. Sounds easy enough, and it is when you get the hang of it. But remembering to remember what the letter before you look away and click on the bird, at which time the letter disappears, is a bit tricky at first.

misedHere’s what happens when you either miss the bird, cause your eyes have stayed on the letter in the middle trying to remember it rather than actually clicking on where the bird is, which disappears after about a second and a half.

Yeah, that’s embarrassing, since I think my memory is pretty darn good. Excellent, even. But there are times I feel kind of like I’m just lurching from one crisis to the next. Ever feel like that? Like you never feel like everything is organized and you can just…..relax.   Ahhh, what a nice feeling that would be. Not that that has anything to do with my memory. In fact, if I could just forget all the stuff bugging me that I haven’t done, I might be happier?

Anyway, I’m working on it. Hope everyone has a marvelous holiday weekend, even if is freezing cold. It’s pansy covering time…