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A landslide of cake….
March 18, 2008

clownI hope clowns don’t creep you out…seriously, they do some people. There are those of us who are scared of clowns…not me, of course.  This little clown(head) was one of many, on top of a very big cake….again , one of many that come into the WBAL-TV newsroom. If someone wants to publicize something, it seems they  automatically think….”Send a cake. Wait a minute, make it a BIG cake.”

And they do. At least once or twice a week, sometimes more, cakes come cascading into the newsroom, a virtual landslide of cakes in every flavor, but most often innocuous vanilla…that publicize everything from golf tournaments to walks for charity to, in this case, the circus. Yes, the circus is in town….you can see over the clown’s head what the dates are.

cakeI have come to be almost immune to cake publicity…unless it is a very, very good cake. You know, real buttercream, not the fluffy stuff that most cakes sport. But I will give this one points for creative flair on top. Someone could take all the clown heads(creepy) and plastic balloon bunches and make one heck of a kid’s birthday cake.  I may go get them right now.

eaterBut for every person who doesn’t eat the cake, there are two, no make that three,  who will…here’s a happy person in search of a sugar fix right now!!  Let them eat cake…..