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This and That….
March 17, 2008

This is my first day back from vacation in Charleston where it was sunny and WARM, and beautiful…I have a lot to tell you about that visit, but it’s Monday, and I haveĀ  car trouble(welcome home DH), and loads of emails I haven’t even looked at yet. So let me just say, I’m glad to be back….no, no, no, no….no one will believe that. How about…. I’m sanguine about it….hah! Go look that one up!

As for reader responses to blog entries….yes you are right , I left out Valerie Bertinelli’s name…it was her. And no, I did not carry the iron man with me on vacation. It seemed rather torturous.

As far as when we at WBAL-TV are going high def, I think I know, but I’m not “at liberty” to divulge such top secret information. Hey…when I know for sure that I won’t get fired for telling you, I’ll tell you OK? But here’s a hint… will be this year. Or as I was told…”It is our goal to be high definition by the end of 2008.” I know, lousy hint, but soon come man, soon come.