Cramming for the weekend….

Weekends are funny for me. Not ha ha funny, but odd in the way I approach them. I have learned that I need a carefully balanced activity level. Too much and the weekend has happened so fast I didn’t really have one. A blur. Too little and I feel a little depressed. Such as “I’m such a loser, I didn’t do anything this weekend.”
It’s all in the balance.
So this weekend, there are several possibilities before me and one thing I’m committed to.
0229081158.jpgFirst the commitment. Saturday I’m going to an “all-Beethoven evening”. It’s at a neighbor’s house, and the food served will be Big B’s favorites…white fish, mac and cheese, and dark beer. Presumably there will be something green as well. Another neighbor is doing the food…she’s just started a new business called LATCH KEY COCKTAIL & DINNER PARTIES….she does the work for you and leaves….or stays to serve, whichever you like. And entertainment will be provided by the Trio la Milpa from the BSO. I know, I know, you’re thinking terribly high-brow stuff, but it won’t be, really. Good food, plenty of German beer, pretty music….what’s not to like?
0229081144.jpgAnother option, seeing Three Irish Plays being presented at the Performance Workshop Theatre on Ostend Street in Federal Hill. Joan and Sam McCready are incredibly talented directors and actors, who hail from Ireland….so I really do want to see this before its run is over…maybe Sunday?
Also, my Netflix selections are backing up. Watched The Invasion last night with Nicole Kidman when I would rather have seen Lipstick Jungle, just because I’ve had the darn dvd for over a week, and somehow the thought of sending it back without viewing it is like throwing good food away. But today, I wish I’d just sent it back.
0228081411.jpgAND last but not(?)least, I have inexplicably signed up for the Oprah web class Monday night on Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Oh, and did I mention I haven’t purchased OR read the book yet?
Wow, it’s amazing what writing about these things have done for me…a clarifying already. It’s too much. Way too much(especially with yard work that needs to be done and just the usual household drudgery)….something has to go. I have a feeling it may be Eckhart. Sorry Oprah.


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