Two great animal stories….

I love stories about animals…most people do. Especially if they’re about an animal doing something really funny or special or cute..or about an animal being saved. I have one of each…..The first I found on a website called Cheapeake Foodie. It’s run by a friend of mine, so I check it out frequently for good recipes(which you will find there), restaurant reviews, and I always read Skeeter’s Corner.
0227081141.jpgThis time, Skeeter( and I don’t know who Skeeter is), was writing about the plight of a white tailed deer, spotted at least a mile from shore, swimming determinedly for nowhere, in an obviously weakened condition…must have gotten off course, and forgotten where land was. What do you do when you’re in a boat and see an animal in such distress? I’ll let you check the ending out for yourself….
0227081130.jpgThe other was about a lifesaving Labrador named Mackenzie….Now I’ll admit I love labs. I probably seem like a cat person, and I am…but we had a mixed lab named Scout for about 15 lovely years. Best dog EVER. I still miss him. And just look at Mackenzie’s face…look at it!! Soooooo sweet. Anyway, owner Debbie who lives in Annapolis, suffered a pulmonary embolism….and kept losing consciousness, but Mackenzie kept nudging her awake..enough so she could call 911 and get help. Good Dog!! You can see Lowell Melser’s story right here on the WBAL website. Check out both stories and you’ll feel better about man and beast, guaranteed.


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