It’s all in the details….

0225080930.jpg What’s wrong with this picture? OK, I really left myself vulnerable with a question like that….”Yeah, you’re what’s wrong with it” or “Your face is what’s wrong with it”. No gentle reader, let’s not go there….we’re talking details. Look at the necklace. See one of the stones sticking up? Sure you do. Surely everyone did…it was like that the entire newscast! I was happily unaware of this until I saw the newscast a few days later on dvr.(Just in case you’re thinking what a totally vain thing to do it is to watch oneself on tv, let me assure you it’s a good idea in general to do this when it’s your business. And vanity is not involved. At all.)
But I couldn’t believe no one noticed it and said something. Not the director, not the producer, not the floor director…no one. Maybe they thought it was the way the necklace was designed? Maybe. Our floor director Denny is always very good to notice hair standing on end, a crooked collar, but this escaped his eagle eye.
Alright, I know this is small in the great scheme of things…a photographer just walked by and said, “Are you blogging?” I told him it was about the crooked necklace, and he replied, “Oh, the trauma you go through.” Ha-ha.
0225081338.jpgKeep in mind though,just this morning on the Today Show, style guru Tim Gunn (Project Runway) said of Nicole Kidman’s necklace, “I though it looked good on the red carpet, but when she came out to present, it looked like she had been wrestling with someone backstage.” Ouch. It’s all in the details.It always is.


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